Which One is Right for You? 5 Laundry Systems that Work!

Laundry has been the bane of my existence for about 20 years now.  The funny thing is that I worked in the PE laundry room in college for awhile.  I sorted, washed and folded clothes every day as a job.  BUT I didn’t have to put it away.   Maybe that’s what did me in.   Some of you reading this will think I’m nuts because laundry has never been an issue for you.  And then there’s the rest of you that are stuck at some point in the process.  I’ve spoken to many friends about how they do well with sorting, washing and folding but putting away is where they struggle (anyone else have family members who dig through baskets of clean clothes to find what to wear for the day?).  Others just get overwhelmed with the amount of clothes their family has and they haven’t found a good system that works for them.  So let’s figure out something that will work for you!

5 Laundry Systems that Really Work! Which one is right for you? thirtyhandmadedays.com

Even though it’s my Achilles heal, 2 things that will definitely help across the board: [Read More…]