Pastel Easter Candy Bark

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Hey friends! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew, back this month to share another fun idea! Even though St. Patrick’s Day is nearby, I thought I’d share a fool proof Easter Candy Bark treat that is easy to make and that everyone will love! I make this for my coworkers as Christmas gifts each year (in different colors) and they call it “chocolate crack” because it’s so good! The best part is it’s so simple to make it’ll surprise people how little time goes into it!

Easter Candy BarkThe ingredients are simple….

bark ingredients

You’ll need…

  • Pretzels
  • Oreos
  • M&M’s in your choice of color and flavor
  • Sprinkles
  • White Chocolate candy melts

The quantities are really up to you…

I use wax paper on a cookie sheet and from there I break up my pretzels and oreos until they are spread out all across my cookie sheet evenly. You can add more pretzels or more oreos as desired…for this example I used about 4 handfuls of pretzels and about 15 oreos. If you want to make a huge batch, you’ll likely need a full bag of each and it will make two sheets worth. You’ll also need about 3-4 bags of white chocolate for two full cookie sheets.

crush up cookies and pretzels

After your pretzels and Oreos are broken up…then you melt your chocolate, pour it over the crushed mix, add M&M’s and sprinkles while still warm…and then place in the fridge to cool off.

coat with candy topping, M&M's, and sprinklesIsn’t that SO pretty?! Once it’s cooled off. I gently take the wax paper and kind of fold the bark over on itself and start breaking it into pieces to bag up.

Easter Candy Bark in pastel

In the past I have purchased plastic favor bags with ribbon to put it in, but you can also use the cheap buckets in the Target Dollar aisle to serve it in, as well. They make a real statement and are only $1.

Easter Bark

See how easy that is?! And how pretty! I hope this gives you some ideas for Easter treats this year and I look forward to coming back next month to share another fun idea with you!

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  1. Dawn Kasarda says

    I gathered all the ingredients. I have been so excited to make this for my co-workers. I found everything I needed at Target. I was so surprised many of the things I needed weren’t at Walmart or Walgreens. Thank you!

  2. Kristyn says

    YUMMY!! My daughter and I are making Easter bark this week too. It’s so delicious!!