Fun Birthday Printables- Tags + Thank You Notes

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When I recently asked what you wanted to see more of on 30days, several people suggested more generic tags and cards for celebrations.  Like birthdays.  Since today is my JJ’s birthday, it’s the perfect time to bring out some cute new printables.
Fun Birthday Printables from
As I mentioned yesterday, it’s J’s golden birthday.  He’s fourteen on the 14th! I still cannot believe my sweet blue eyed baby is fourteen, now way taller than me and without a doubt stronger than me (although he’s always been pretty strong).  We got to celebrate with family at a bounce house yesterday since Josh has class tonight.  After we go to his IEP (individualized education plan) this morning, I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing random acts of kindness in his honor like we did last year.  It was an amazing day and I can’t wait to get busy spreading some love.

Birthday Printables from
Feel free to print out these tags and thank you notes to use them however you like! I also created a birthday badge for JJ to wear.  You better believe I used my laminator.  :) Although he has the ability to speak, he communicates basic wants and needs.  He wouldn’t tell people that it’s his birthday on his own.  I want to make sure that he’s treated like a king all day!

Birthday Printable Tags from

Download birthday printables.  (1) sheet of birthday tags + (2) sets of 4×6 thank you note cards.  For personal use only.  

I’d love for you to join in on the random acts of kindness if you are up for it!  It doesn’t have to be anything major- smiling at someone, helping put groceries in their car, pay for someone in a drive thru, write thank you notes to people just because.   If you join in and feel like sharing, tag me (@30daysblog) and use the hashtag #loveforjj on Instagram or Facebook so that I can see and comment.  Thank you SO much!

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  1. Janel says

    Since we are in the age of cell phones, I have gotten into sending RSA (Random Smile Attacks) where I text: ‘RSA :P (or any smiley face), Hope that you are having a great day.’
    I have gotten many replies that this has brightened their day.

  2. Kristyn says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ!! Thanks for the cute prints, friend. Can’t wait to see you next week! XO

  3. Lisa says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ!!! As well as my son Andrew he is 26 today! I sure do miss the days when he was younger and the joy of just hanging out at a baseball game he was in! The years pass by too quickly!!! He is now a young business man and I couldn’t be prouder of all his accomplishments! Thanks for sharing these great Birthday Labels!!

  4. says

    Happy birthday, J! My daughter is 13, and I agree, it’s difficult to comprehend how those tiny babies grew so tall. Love these printables!