Printable Pencil Toppers for Valentine’s Day

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New Year’s Eve has come and gone so I finally feel like I can go all out with the next holiday- Valentine’s Day!  If you’ve read 30days for more than a year, you know that Valentine’s is one of my favorites.  I have loads of ideas I’ve shared in the past but I’m chomping at the bit to share more! Today’s idea is ridiculously simple but I am asked to make stuff for BOYS a lot.  These would work for both boys or girls but aren’t ooey gooey and lovey dovey.
Printable Valentine's Pencil Toppers- perfect for boys.  (or girls too!)
I recently went to Target and visited the Dollar Spot (why oh why is that spot so hard to resist!?).  I filled my cart full with red and pink but I also found some cute non-mushy things like these pencils.  I know, I know they’ve been done a million times.  Yawn yawn.  I saw this set and another one (more ideas coming soon)….they were just begging to be made for classroom gifts.  I got to work and whipped up some animal style pencil toppers.
Printable Valentine's Day Pencil Toppers from

So. There are a few ways you could use these- I went for the simple route.  I cut out my designs and attached with cute washi tape on the back.  You could if you really wanted to go the extra mile, get out a pair of scissors or an Exacto knife to cut slits and slide the pencils through.  But that’s something YOU would have to do, not your kids.  I think, why spend the extra time when your kids could help you with washi tape and they are just as cute.  To each their own though.  I won’t be mad at you if you feel the need to cut slits instead.

Valentine's Day Printable Pencil Toppers from
Download Valentine’s Day Pencil ToppersFor personal use only.  Thanks!
Printable Valentine's Pencil Toppers

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