Printable School Calendar for 2015-2016

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I’m always surprised at how early people start asking for calendars! You people are way ahead of the game.  I’m just trying to get through each day.  But I’ve had several requests for a printable school calendar for this year.  And I’ve finally got my act together enough for you.  Go ahead and download this year’s calendar for the new school year.
Printable School Calendar for 2015-2016 from

Download the School Calendar for 2015-2016.  For personal use and subscribers only.  Thanks.  

These calendars go perfectly with:
Binder Series from  Includes printables for 4 different important binders! Awesome ideas and easy to use.

My whole binder series:

Are you more of a mini binder kinda person? Let me know so I can get working on a printable mini school calendar! Have you gotten your binders printed this year?  Go you!! If you haven’t, go for it.  I’ve done all the hard work for you.


  1. Faith Dossett says

    Hello Mique, thank you for all the printables, especially the binders. And yes, I would love to have a mini school binder. The mini version (of any binder) is great for me; and it fits in whichever bag I use. Thank you!

  2. Peggy says

    I would love to print out the 2015/2016 school calendar but it keeps popping up the 2014 year. How do I get the 2015/2016???

  3. Lori P. says

    Hello! I love your binders and organization. I used the “Last Day of School” printable for my kids last spring. Now I was hoping to use one for “First Day of School” but I can’t find it on your blog. Do you have it posted somewhere and I am just missing it or can you please post it?
    Thank you!

  4. Gina says

    Thanks for this calendar! I was just talking to my 7th grader about us planning out her Algebra 1/2 to make sure she got through the book by the end of the year – so this came at a perfect time. And, you know, planners gotta plan!!!

  5. Chelsea S says

    I LOVE the mini binders!! I was wondering if you could make a 2015 mini school calender? thanks so much I love your site!!