Printable Quotes: Fall Down Seven Times…

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My friends at Bounce asked me how I #BounceBack from challenges. They are on a mission to help people bounce back from hiccups and whatever laundry (and life) toss their way.
While I have many embarrassing stories to tell, today I’ll be sharing just one.  The one that still haunts me a little to this day.  Most of the times that I’ve made a fool of myself in my life have to do with tripping.  I don’t know what it is, but if there’s an opportunity to trip I do.  And I don’t just trip in my house alone (though that happens sometimes too), I trip with large public audiences.

My best friend and at Homecoming Court our senior year. 
When I was in high school, I went to pretty much every football game.  I was social and loved every second of my three years.  Freshmen were still at junior high in our area when I was there.  We had these big metal bleachers that were always packed full of people.  These bleachers made lots of noise.  Can you see where I’m going with this? At one particular game that the entire town showed up to support, I was walking UP the bleachers and fell FLAT.ON.MY.FACE.  And ended with a giant thud.  So not only did I bail, but I bailed FACING the entire crowd.  I was mortified. The crowd went wild.  How could it not?
I quickly ran down the stairs with a friend and found one of my favorite teachers, the student council advisor.  I told her what happened and she told me a few of the most devastatingly embarrassing stories I have ever heard.  I still think about those stories she told me that night.   One of them had to do with someone at who was leading music in front of her entire congregation with her skirt tucked into her nylons.  (this was a long time ago obviously) Now Bounce dryer sheets might not have been able to prevent me from tripping….but they could have prevented my advisor’s friend and her wardrobe malfunction.  Can you imagine?

By now you should know I’m all about uplifting quotes.  This one fit perfectly (literally and figuratively) with my embarrassing moment:
Printable Inspriational Quote - print out this 8x10 to hang up and be inspired www.thirtyhandmadedays.comDownload an 8×10 inspirational quote to print and remind yourself to keep getting up! For personal use only.  Some elements from this printable were purchased from the Ink Nest

To take it one step further, I created a video of several embarrassing pictures of my awkward stages.  If I can make it through these phases, I can #bounceback from anything.  Right?

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  1. says

    How can i pause that slideshow?!? I Need to see better! My son just had a disappointing day, and I relayed a few disappointing days of my own. I think we have disappointment so we can cheer others on and help them #bounceback. What a great quote you made;)

  2. says

    It’s always hard to bounce back after the start of another school year. It always seems to take us a while to get back in the swing of things. But it’s nice when we finally get use to all the schedules again.:)

  3. says

    After having kids is always a hard time to bounce back! Thankfully I have amazing family and friend who always help me through the transition :) THank you for the chance to win!

  4. says

    I’m currently working on a bounce-back right now. Received some not-so-great news about one of my kids last week, but I think I’m just trying to focus on the positive, on what I CAN control! And though I haven’t felt like blogging, creative endeavors are a welcomed retreat, so trying to get back into the swing of things! ;)

  5. says

    I had a similar story to yours where I bit it in front of my peers – – but instead of at a football game, it was in my 6th grade social studies classroom. I had gone up to my teacher’s desk to collect my graded test, and walking back to my desk, I was studying the results so intently, I didn’t notice the HUGE backpack in the aisle. I proceeded to trip over the back pack and slide on my belly into the cement block wall. The entire class erupted into laughter. It was like something out of a Charlie Chaplain movie, only the joke was on me. And as a 6th grade girl, I was mortified. My teacher was also unsympathetic. Wish I had had an awesome teacher like you had! I could have used someone to commiserate with me!

  6. Karol Nicoletti says

    Years ago, I stopped at a bakery in our town that was right on the main road. I parked my car and literally did a banana peel fall right on my but – wearing a skirt I might add. I could hear the gasp from the people in their cars at the light and laughing too. I was just mortified but got up and went into get that birthday cake anyway!

  7. says

    When I lost my job I gave myself a few days to feel sorry for myself but after that I started making a plan and moved forward. You can’t dwell on embarrassing or negative things.

  8. Trisha B. says

    In high school, I always struggled with math. No matter how hard I tried to study, I just didn’t do that well in that subject. It was quite embarrassing when others would flash their A+ papers in my face while I sat there with my low grade paper. I’ve learned to not let things like this bother me anymore now that I’m older.

  9. says

    Days like today, when I am exhausted after a long workweek and busy Saturday, I spend time at home in my PJ’s, relax with my husband, and get my home in order before hitting it hard on Monday again! :)

  10. says

    I was devastated when all of my tennis friends moved up in ranking and my ranking stayed the same. I’m still a lower ranking but I’ve learned not to let it bother me. Tennis is a hobby and not something I need to get worked up over!

  11. says

    A couple of years ago I pulled something in my knee while running a half-marathon. I had to call my mom to come pick me up on the course because I just couldn’t finish. Having run 10 other half-marathons, calling my mom was pretty embarassing. As soon as I could I rehabbed my knee, got back in shape, and ran my first (and last) full marathon six months later.

  12. says

    Oh Mique – the best part is you can look back now and smile about it and write about it!! I was working for my father one summer during college and had a wrap around skirt on. I stood up from my desk to go meet someone coming into the office and as I did so my skirt unwrapped!! Fortunately my father brought it to my attention before the customer did!~!