Summer Reading Chart

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My parents are both avid readers.  They can be found reading every night before bed. It wasn’t until my mom gave me a Babysitter’s Club book in fifth grade that I was hooked. My kids are just now getting to that point and I want to encourage reading as much as possible.

Every summer there are a number of programs with rewards systems set up to do just that.   Our local library has something every year too. 
Topping the list of fun summer reading programs:
Scholastic Summer Challenge
Barnes and Noble Summer Reading

I created a chart so my kids can have a visual reminder to read Monday through Saturday.  I will have my older kids read for longer periods than my youngest.  Each kid will get to pick an activity to do the following week if they do all of their reading.  This chart is pretty generic so you can adjust it to suit your needs.  The line next to Summer Reading Chart is for your child’s name. You can have them “x” out the boxes, use stickers, etc.

Download a summer reading chart.
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What are some of your kids favorite books?


  1. Kathy May says

    This is so simple and great…but I can’t get it to print?….no problem with any other docs(printed several from here:)) any suggestions?

  2. says

    I didn’t know that Scholastic had a summer reading program! Thanks! (Yeah, kind of a duh moment for me – lol)

  3. Heidi says

    Great chart, thanks. Reading is a big deal in our house too, both for the kids AND for the adults!

  4. Diane says

    My older daughter struggled with reading and needed help with fluency. Thank goodness we discovered the Baybsitter’s Club books. I did not mind buying them because she loved reading them. Boy did they help her fluency. Being a reading teacher myself I know how important it is for kids to keep on reading over the summer, but I really saw it for myself with my daughter. It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they keep reading. Sometimes parents want kids to read certain books & that will stifle the kids love of reading. One fun thing to do with the kids is to choose a book slightly above their reading level and you read that book with them. Nothing like cuddling with your kids & taking turns reading. It gives a great opportunity to talk about the books with them & show your love of reading.

  5. DynnaLou says

    Hi Mique.. Thank you for the ideas you have shared here especially for the kids.. I am sure this is a big help..

  6. says

    Reading is a huge part of our summer. The older kids and I read at least one hour a day. It keeps them reading and gives the house a quiet break each day.

    • Mique says

      That is awesome Lene! An hour of quiet each day in the summer sounds heavenly. I think we’ll do that! ;)

  7. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. I love the Baby Sitter’s Club as a tween too! In fact I was just thinking about the books the other day, and wondering if they really were as good as I remembered. I think your chart has great potential. Not sure if I will need it with my kids or not (they aren’t school age yet) – as they are always asking to be read to. Both my hubby and I are book worms. He can devour a 400 page book in a matter of hours.

    • Mique says

      Wasn’t BSC the best? I’m not sure if the books were really that good but I’m glad that I fell in love with reading because of them. And I know for sure they were clean. That’s what I worry about with today’s books. Sad but true.
      I think this could work with younger kids too- anything to encourage a love of reading is good in my book. (no pun intended)

  8. says

    LOVED the Babysitter’s Club books! I remember doing the Book-It club at our school that was sponsored by Pizza Hut. If you met your goal for the month you got a free pizza :) It was a very good incentive!

  9. Sue says

    This is a great idea for kids in the summer! My kids are all grown now and are all avid readers. When they were young, one of their daily ‘summer jobs’ was to spend 20-30 minutes reading. I think it instilled a love of books in each of them.

    • Mique says

      I love that it was one of your kids “summer jobs.” Instilling the love of reading is invaluable. Awesome!!