Sparkly new look + other ways to stay connected

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If you haven’t visited 30days live (as in …not from a “reader”) in the past week or so…you are missing out! The fabulous Dana from Wonder Forest gave me a sparkly new look for the new year.  So click click click if you haven’t already!

Which brings me to my next point- the www is all abuzz about how Google is taking away Google Friend Connect from all non – blogger blogs.  Hint- ME.  Google is encouraging people to make Google+ pages (similar to Facebook pages).  I set one up but am still sort of confused and wondering if I need one.more.thing to keep track of.  Do you have one? Have any tips? I’m all ears!
I’ve had several people email asking where my GFC badge went or why I don’t have one on my sidebar anymore.  The answer is – I would rather encourage everyone to end up on 30days other ways if GFC will be taken away in a couple months.  SO if you read through GFC, pretty please add me to your reader, get it delivered to your email or there are all kinds of other options. Dana made it really easy on my sidebar to do so.  Just click that “subscribe via RSS” button (as seen below) and then you are given the option of how you want to subscribe. Pssst…..If you use a reader, do you know about the NEXT button?  It will change your blog reader life. 

Speaking of staying connected…do you ever click on the other icons over there? Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter?  I am super close to 5,000 “likes” on Facebook and am working on a celebration when that 5,000th like comes in.
Is your head spinning from all this blog/social media lingo? Mine too.  I think I should stop right about now…..but Dana has some awesome blog tips if you feel like exploring more.


  1. Holly Sparks says

    Oh and the sidebar doesn’t show up in firefox either.

    Sorry for all the comments…but I figured I’d give you feedback about technical issues with the new layout.

    • Mique says

      Hi Holly- thanks for the comments. I definitely want to know if something isn’t working right. Did you by chance try updating your browser?

      • Holly Sparks says

        My firefox is up to date. So that’s not the problem. I catch glimpses of the right font when I click on other pages and it’s transitioning. Other wise, it looks like that screen shot.

  2. Holly Sparks says

    Loving the new look. There’s something bad with it, though. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer or what, but your menu text doesn’t look pretty. It’s just a plain jane font and it’s set so big that it shoves it off your pretty image. I think maybe you’re using a font that’s not on everyone’s computer. So it really does ruin the look of your layout.

    Here’s a screenshot to show you what I’m talking about.

  3. says

    hey girl! lovin your new look… beautiful! colleen/mural maker– maybe you are already pals? anyway, she has written a couple great posts on Google+. I gotta say I am so sad to see gfc go but onward ad upward (-:

    have a great week! malia

    • Mique says

      Hi Malia- thanks! Colleen actually just left me a comment to check out her series. I’m sad to see GFC go too. :(
      Hope your week is awesome. xo

  4. says

    Great new look…Google+ confuses the heck out of me. I have an account set up because I didn’t want to get left behind….I feel like google is herding us all that way….another thing to keep up with:( I wish someone would write a post on how it all works!
    Hint…Hint….I was wondering what will happen on our dashboards when the GFC is dropped…I LIVE on my dash

    • Mique says

      Hi Deanna- glad I’m not alone on my Google+ confusion. And I agree that Google is herding us that way.
      I hope I can get it figured out and share what I find! I’m not totally sure what is going to happen on dashboards when GFC is dropped but I thought I’d warn people that it was coming up.
      Have a great week!

    • Mique says

      Hi Stephanie- thanks!! If you follow in a reader already you should be all set. ;) Thanks so much. xo