Under The Sea Adventure

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Vanessa from blog 5 to 9 is back to share an adorable sea party:

Under The Sea Adventure

Today I’m here to share another fun children’s party idea with my 30days friends! When a friend of mine (who also shares my obsession with love for party planning) told me she was doing an “under the sea” theme for her son’s birthday, I jumped at the chance to help! We had so much fun coming up with ideas and planning this party together.  With the help of balloons, hanging sea creatures, and dim lighting, we transformed her whole basement into an under the sea adventure scene!

Welcome Sign

Upon entering, the guests were welcomed by this adorable sign my friend made using bubble background paper and foam sticky letters. She embellished using printable sea creatures from the Under The Sea collection I created for the party.

Under The Sea Party Decorations

The entire room was decorated with blue balloons and sea creatures hanging from the ceiling to create that under water feel.  The sea creatures were purchased online and included paper cutout and blowup animals. On the bottom left, if you look closely you’ll see a shark about to chomp down a clown fish for dinner… just love her sense of humor!

Store Bought Treats

The treat table was filled with both store bought and homemade treats. Here is a breakdown of our store bought/semi-homemade treats

  • Top Left: Gummy fish kabobs (purchased online www.goodiegumdrops.com ) – Displayed on a styrofoam ring covered with ribbon
  • Top Right: Goldfish Cracker Cups (variety of flavors) – Placed in mini foam cups wrapped witha  cupcake wrapper and topped with a flag from my Under The Sea printable collection
  • Bottom Left: Brownie bites dipped in melted chocolate and star sprinkles
  • Botton Right: Rock pops placed in a round glass bowl filled with fish shaped candy

Turtle Oreo Pops

These turtle Oreo pops were a great no-bake treat for the party! I made them by arranging four green candy wafers in a square pattern. I then placed a chocolate dipped Oreo on top to dry.  Once it’s part way set, press another candy wafer into the oreo for the head.  Wait for the whole thing to cool before adding google eyes and some light green spots using light green melted candy. 

Starfish Cookies


Ocean Jello Cups