So Darn Cute

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I have a confession. On top of all the craft addiction I currently have, I have another addiction (besides Dr. Pepper and fashion reality tv shows)- books. No, not books you read. Books to look at. And magazines. I LOVE crafty books. Books written by bloggers I love.
So one new feature here on 30days is going to be my Book Nook. Books to help you along in your craft addiction.
To kick off the Book Nook, I want to review this little diddy:
I saw a review somewhere and knew I had to have this book. Written by the queen of cute herself, Jenny Ryan, it lives up to it’s name.
Jenny showcases fun and fresh ideas that she breaks down into bite size pieces- nothing too overwhelming. There’s a great range of projects- for the beginner to the long time seamstress.
Sew Darn Cute is chaptered by type of ideas (ie Totables, Nest, etc). Jenny also shares her tips and techniques that further explain the simple to the complicated steps of sewing.
What Jenny does brilliantly here is she takes the common and makes it unique. She makes a boring tank top dazzle with just a few stitches on fabric. Or a boring dishtowel make me want to do the dishes with her embellishments (stop the presses, did I just write I want to do dishes?)
On a star scale I would rate Sew Darn Cute 5 out of 5. It’s really that good.
I hope to not only drool over the projects in SDC but to actually create and share here what I have made. Be on the lookout.
P.s. Craft Stylish reviewed the book too and is having a giveaway. Enter to win the book here.


  1. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says

    That looks like a great book!
    I am excited to read more from your book nook!