Summer Food List

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Megan from Brassy Apple is here to share another great idea for Funner in the Summer: a Summer Food List.  What a simple but brilliant idea.  She just announced her new show, Refashion It, on My Craft Channel- congrats Megan!!

Hey! It’s Megan of Brassy Apple
It’s fun and great to have Summer Bucket lists and along those lines we created a Summer FOOD list! 
There are so many great foods in season during the Summer months and FUN foods that remind us of Summer or “make” a Summer event.
To put a twist or a challenge on the food list use the ABC’s! We printed out our list on a piece of cardstock running the ABC’s down the side and the middle. 
Now we can catalog the fun things we eat this Summer, the new food we taste trying to fill in all the letters and the yummy treats we enjoy too! 
My kids had never tried Kiwi before and because it was a cool way to fill in the letter K – they were all for trying it! Head to the grocery store and pick out some fun foods to try or food that you normally wouldn’t buy all the time as a “treat”. For example, we don’t buy Pringles but my kids think they are “sooo cool!” So once this Summer I am going to buy them each their own can and we will list that as letter P. Fun food and fun memory at the same time – bonus!
You can list more than 1 food through out the Summer under the different letters too! Our S category is getting pretty full on our list of – snowcones, strawberries, smores, and more! 
So dive into Summer foods and get creative trying to find something for each letter of the alphabet! 
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