Simple + Tasty Holiday Eggnog Quick Bread

Quick Holiday Eggnog Bread- easy to make but oh so good! Use any leftover eggnog.

With Christmas just a couple days away,  I wanted to share this recipe before it’s too late!  This Holiday Eggnog Bread is quick and delicious.  My family loooooves eggnog.  Me? Not so much.  But this bread is moist and tastes so good.  It’s the perfect compromise and would be great for Christmas breakfast.  It’s also perfect for leftover eggnog.   Print Holiday Eggnog Quick Bread Ingredients2 eggs 1 1/4 cups [Read More...]

One More Last Minute Easy Gift Idea for Christmas

The easiest holiday gift idea ever with printables from

Sometimes you just have to do simple right?  There are a million gift ideas that I’d love to tackle because I love making gifts.  But then reality hits and I throw my hands up in the air and decide that simple gifts still count.  This is it as far as easy gift ideas go…. because Christmas is just a couple days away! It couldn’t get any easier than this one.   [Read More...]

25+ Inexpensive Last Minute Gift Ideas

Over 25 Last Minute Gift Ideas- treats, printables, DIY's and more

One week!! Christmas is onnnnnne weeeek away.  I’ve been tackling my to do list like crazy as it seems like Christmas snuck up so fast this year.  But I still have a few people to buy for and make gifts for.  I’ve gathered 25+ inexpensive, EASY, last minute gift ideas to share.  Some ideas are from here and others are from clever, creative blogging friends.  There’s a little something for [Read More...]

Easy Christmas Gifts: Root Deer Float Kit + Printer Giveaway

Easy Christmas Gifts: Root Deer Float Kit, so much fun for the holidays! Includes printable

Continuing with my easy Christmas gifts- today I have a fun idea to share.  It’s a Root Deer Float Kit! Perfect for Christmas, make this gift to give to neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. I mean seriously- how cute is this? Such a simple idea but kids go nuts for this kind of stuff.  I was having a bad week and made one up for breakfast the other day.  Because why [Read More...]

Christmas Gift Ideas: Sugar & Spiced Nuts + Tag

Simple Christmas Gift Ideas- Sugar & Spiced Nuts with cute printable

Seriously! Christmas is sooo close.  And I’m scrambling.  Lots to do! Hopefully you’re more ahead of things than I am.  I’m still putting Christmas gift ideas together.  Another pun is involved in today’s project.  I think I need an intervention.  But in the meantime- enjoy! For this gift idea you will need: a container, Sugar & Spiced Nuts and my printable.  Whip up a batch of Sugar & Spice Nuts, [Read More...]

Sweetest Holiday Gift Ideas

Simple & sweet gift idea for the holidays with printable included

With the holidays right around the corner, the tree is up, Christmas music is playing and the sweet smells of the season fill our home. It’s my favorite time of year! I’m keeping the holiday gift ideas coming your way. Simple and sweet are my favorite gifts to give- this one combines those perfectly. When I walk into a home, one of the first things I notice is the scent. [Read More...]

Fox Stocking Stuffers & Hand Warmer

DIY Fox Stocking Stuffers + Hand Warmer

Last year the Salty Bison girls posted  some adorable owl stocking stuffers. They created the perfectly simple sewing project.  With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to make a new version- Fox Stocking Stuffer and Hand Warmer. This too is a simple sewing project.  When I was younger my Mom taught me how to sew.  She’s an incredible seamstress with a lot of patience for perfect lines.  I [Read More...]

Gift Ideas for the Girls in Your Life

Simple and sweet Christmas Gifts with printable card

I’ve been working round the clock on holiday projects to share here.  Someone recently asked on Instagram for gift ideas for friends so I modified an older button earrings idea to create these fun cards: You could use these cards for just about anything.  I made some simple button earrings and attached them to one of the cards.  I purposely did “wishing you” so that you could dot the “I’s” [Read More...]

Wall Art Ideas: What Does a Fox Say?

Fun wall art ideas- What does the fox say? Perfect for the holidays but can be switched out all year round Printables included

This post brought to you by FrogTape provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine. Who wouldn't want a piece of art with a fox in their home? I present to you one of many wall art ideas. Are you over "What does the fox say?" yet? Please say no. Please say no! I might have another fox project that I've been working on that you will LOVE [Read More...]

Gingerbread Cookie Mix

Gingerbread cookies are a bit nostalgic for me. Growing up, there was an elderly lady, Mrs. Bates, who lived close to our neighborhood and every Christmas she baked fresh gingerbread man cookies. We would knock on her door and she would cheerfully greet us and send us on our way with a fresh cookie. It was like Halloween at Christmas. Except with gingerbread. So everytime I make or eat gingerbread [Read More...]