DIY Plaid Ornament

Pain this Plaid Ornament from the Country Chic Cottage

My name is Angie and I blog at The Country Chic Cottage.  I am so happy to be here for Bake Craft Sew!  I am in love with all things plaid this year and I thought I would show you a super simple technique to paint a plaid ornament.  You can use this same technique on a variety of things for your tree and home decor. To make the ornament that I have shown you will need: … [Read more...]

Colored Salt Dough Ornaments Gift Idea

Simple gift idea - Colored Salt Dough Ornament from

I know, I know.  It's not even October yet (but this week it will be! What in the world?).  It's a little risky to post gift ideas already but I'm a risk taker... so why not?  Have you already started buying or making gifts for the holidays?  You are my hero! Each year my list grows for presents to purchase between three kids with teachers, aides, bus drivers, church leaders, … [Read more...]

Printable 3D 4th of July Banner

4th of July Banner

It's Emma from Crafting{E} again! It's that time of year again and red, white, and blue is popping up everywhere. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays: it helps me properly appreciate this great country that I live in! It is so fun to bring out all the patriotic decorations and clothing and just celebrate the day of our countries freedom! I love decorating for all … [Read more...]

Easter Paper Cone Wreath

Easter Paper Cone Wreath / Busy Mom's Helper for

Sometimes I feel like a member of an AA meeting: Hello, my name's Danielle from Busy Mom's Helper, and I love easy crafts! I'm sure you're laughing right now, but I'm totally serious...I really hate crafts that are complicated or take forever! Lucky for me, I'm able to pull of all sorts of projects without spending a ton of time, effort, or with this adorable … [Read more...]

Yarn Cross Stitch Heart

Yarn Cross Stitch Heart

Guys, did you know that cross stitch is making a comeback. Well it is. My twelve year-old cross stitching self couldn't be happier. I have seen cross stitch all over the place. I couldn't help but join in on all the fun. Since Valentine's Day is super close, I thought a Yarn Cross Stitch Heart would be perfect. … [Read more...]