Just a little FYI- you can check out little old me on Tiffany's Simply Modern Mom today. She asked me to join in on her Simply Said series to give a few tips on interacting with kids with autism. I love love that series- so cool to read about different topics. And Simply Modern Mom in general is a great read. Thanks for asking me to contribute Tiffany.Did ya know that I'm … [Read more...]


Sponsor Spotlight: Lisa from Scentsy


This giveaway is now closed. Raise your hand if you've heard of Scentsy. Do you love it? Me too. I love that I can plug in a cute warmer, add a yummy scent and make my house smell soooo good. If you have no idea what I'm talking about (um where have you been?), take a peak at Lisa's Scentsy site. Make yourself comfortable because there is so much to choose from.Today I get … [Read more...]

Swing of things..


So I disappeared last week as things kicked into end of school year high gear. Hope everyone had a great weekend.Today is officially day 1 of summer break. No sleeping in around here- my J has summer school and a 6:45am bus pick up (YIKES!).Without going into details- I had a rough day yesterday (like really, really rough)- and I'm needing a pick me up.Things today making … [Read more...]

A letter to whom it concerns


This giveaway is now closed.Go shopping at DownEast!Dear DownEast,I love you.You have cute, fun, affordable, modest clothing and accessories. Your 28 day style guide is dreamy. All the new stuff? Adorable. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your amazing products. I love the Heart Throb Short and Oceanfront Dress that I was able to review this time. Can't wait to see … [Read more...]



I didn't mean to completely abandon 30days this week but I guess that's what I've done. Sorry about that. Busy {rainy SoCal} week. Rain everywhere else is no big deal. But for some reason in LA when it rains, the world is coming to an end. People drive irrationally, all of the umbrellas are gone (seriously- I went to Target and they are out!), and everything takes 10 times … [Read more...]