Creative Spaces with Andrea from Knitty Bitties

I’m starting another something new here at 30days- Creative Spaces. One of the posts that gets the most views is from a couple of years ago, Inspiring Spaces.  At a friend’s suggestion, I am going to take a peak into crafters homes.   I love seeing where people create. I suppose it’s the nosy in me. You will get to see where people create- from big amazing rooms to smaller amazing [Read More…]

Take over Tuesday with Michaela from Life with the Crazies

I’m so excited to be a guest today on one of my favorite blogs of all time, and I do love me a good blog!  My name is Michaela and I blog over at Life With the Crazies.  I’m the wife of one super cool guy and a mom to three Crazies.  Noah, Mylie Mae, and our teeny tiny crazy gal is Presley. One bizarre-o and totally unrelated fact about [Read More…]

Post Holiday Card Idea from Angry Julie

Meet my friend Julie: aka Angry Julie We share a love of Dr. Pepper, Cafe Rio, photography, blogging and “the Twitter.” When she’s not busy corralling her Angry Family, you can find her taking pictures of crime scenes. Or taunting me with trips to the park with Kelly. Although we only live 70-ish miles apart, we still have yet to meet in real life. ☹ But if all else fails [Read More…]

Guest Post: Kami from {No Biggie}

Hi 30 Days fans! I’m Kami from the blog NoBiggie. I’m here helping Mique out as she gets ready for the Queen Bee Market this weekend. I so wish that I lived in So Cal so I could attend, it sounds so fun! I met Mique and her sister Jessica at The Creative Connection Event in September. What an inspiring weekend that was. I would highly recommend it for next [Read More…]

Funner in the Summer: Happy Together

Hi everyone! This is Jessica from Happy Together :) I’m so glad I was able to make it for this series. I had an unfortunate computer mishap right before it was my real turn, but I was still able to get this in to share. When Mique emailed about this series, I immediately thought of how food is funner in the summer. I think of peaches, watermelon, strawberries, fishing, crabbing, [Read More…]

Funner in the Summer: Brassy Apple

Funner in the Summer is winding down as we get ready for school.But I’m super happy that today I have Megan from Brassy Apple here: And she’s sharing- Paper plate masks! Let the imagination run wild!!! With a few supplies and A LOT of fun, your entire family or all the neighborhood kids can put on a circus show, blast off into space, act as their favorite character or just [Read More…]

Funner in the Summer; Summer Memory Album

I’m super excited to have the amazingly talented Wendy Sue Anderson to add her idea to Funner in the Summer: I am having a hard time believing that summer is half over…but it’s true – the calendar is proof! I don’t know about you, but I have taken hundreds of pictures documenting dozens of fun days and activities. Of course, I’ll scrapbook some of them, but not every single one. [Read More…]

Boredom Buster from Somewhat Simple

Today I’m happy to introduce Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and her great Funner in the Summer idea: By about the second week of summer, moms all over the world have one thing in common- we are all sick and tired of the age-old phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!” Last summer, my friend told me that every time her son said he was bored, she would give him a baby wipe and [Read More…]

Funner in the Summer; Just Another Day in Paradise

Kool Aid Slurpee- such a yummy treat and perfect for the summer!

Hey there 30 days readers. I am Larissa from Just Another Day in Paradise. Where we live summers are HOT and muggy. Eww. My 3 little men LOVE being outside…this momma doesn’t unless there is a pool and a cool beverage involved. Since we don’t have a pool a cool beverage will have to suffice. Drinking water is good, but these are WAY better. Whip up a batch of Kool [Read More…]

Funner in the Summer; Creation Corner

Hello. This is Tasha from over at Creation Corner. I am excited to be here participating in the Funner in the Summer Series. I don’t know about you, but I have been loving all the great summer tips and ideas. Summer to me means lots of time with my kids. And I love it. A new tradition we have started are Indoor Camp Outs. That means getting the tent out [Read More…]