Printable Lyric Lunch Box Notes

Printable Lunch Box Notes using popular song lyrics

I’m not sure when I started loving music?  But I love love love it.   My kids have inherited that love of music in a major way.  In the car they shout out the name of the song and artist of every song.   It’s cute until they fight over saying it first.  Lately there have been some fun song lyrics.  I thought my kids would get a kick out of [Read More...]

We’re going on a scavenger hunt!


Only two weeks left of Funner in the Summer and today you get to hear from the amazingly awesome Lindsey of the Pleated Poppy.  She’s got style, she’s got great ideas, she’s an awesome mom, she’s got an amazing house and she’s the cutest friend ever. So happy to have her sharing one of her ideas from her summer list today- we’re going on a scavenger hunt!  hey friends! i’m [Read More...]

Yard Party (version of a tea party) from Sweet SugarBelle

I’m excited to share another friend with you for Funner in the Summer.  Callye from SweetSugarBelle has more talent in her one cookie making pinky than I do in my entire body.  She makes the most amazing cookies and shares tutorials, tricks and ideas on her blog.  But she’s not just talented, she’s sweet as can be too.  I love her “tea party” idea that she’s sharing today. Hi, I [Read More...]

Funner in the Summer: GAK Gift

It’s that time again- another Funner in the Summer post from an awesome friend. Today’s idea comes from the fabulous Kristyn of Lil’ Luna. She is awwwwwwwesome. Gosh I just love her!! And this cute project makes me kiddy. Spend some time with your kids making something fun and turn it into a gift.  Hi there 30 Days Readers! I am thrilled to be here today because I LOVE Mique. [Read More...]

Recycled Frame Felt Board: Funner in the Summer

My kids are officially out of school and I’m excited about the ideas that are pouring in for Funner in the Summer.  Like this fun DIY felt board from Kelli and Kristi- enjoy!! Before we get started, we wanted to say HI! to Mique and all her cute readers! So glad we can “meet” ya’ll today! We’re twin sisters, Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane, a blog full of DIY/Home [Read More...]

Funner in the Summer, Everyday Chaos

Hi, I’m Bridget and I’m a stay at home mom to 5 kids ages 10 to 2. Summer’s are always a challenge at our house. Not usually because we don’t have enough activities or things going on but because I’m always at a loss for ideas to keep my kids entertained during the quiet times. You know, times like nap time or when mom would like her ears to stop [Read More...]