Printable New Year’s Eve BINGO

Printable New Year's Eve BINGO Sheets for Kids

Last year I designed some cute New Year's Eve BINGO sheets for kids to use on the big night. I asked on my Facebook page if anyone was interested in an update for this year and everyone said yes!  So here we are, a whole year later with a new set of BINGO sheets. … [Read more...]

Printable New Years Eve Activity Sheets for Kids

Printable New Year's Eve Activity Sheets for Kids - fun to ring in the new year

Looking for something simple and fun to entertain the kids for New Years Eve? I have just the thing- printable activity sheets. Download and print these out for the kids in your life. I have both a color and a black and white version - you choose! Either way, it involves coloring.  They will have fun counting, labeling and bingo-ing. Download  the New Year's Printable … [Read more...]

New Year Resolutions Kids Printable 2013

New Year Resolutions for Kids 2013

Hard to believe that it's been a year since I shared my kids New Year Resolutions printable.   Sadly my daughter didn't learn a lot of German or how to make furniture.  Poor girl! But we've still managed to fill 2012 with memories and lessons we will bring into 2013. I finally created an updated 2013 version.  Just like last year, print it and have your kids fill out what … [Read more...]

Dessert of the Month Club

Dessert of the Month Club

While brainstorming up ideas for teacher gifts for my kids, I thought up one that they could enjoy throughout the year: Dessert of the Month Club.  I reeeeeally appreciate good teachers  and wanted to do something special for them.  My youngest has the same teacher he did last year (yay!!!) and she is one of the most passionate teachers we've ever had.  Drew loves to bake … [Read more...]

Love for Connecticut: Mr. Rogers Quote Printable


Yesterday I had just left the mall when I got a text from a friend saying how upset she was about Connecticut.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She told me the news that would shake me to my core.  How? Where? WHY???  The last time I remember feeling this sad, scared and like I wanted to never ever let my children leave my side was on 9-11-2001.   To say it's … [Read more...]