Kitchen Gadget Love

Truth: kitchen gadgets make me giddy. Buying an egg slicer in college made me feel like an official grown up. Only adults have egg slicers. (ha!) When I got an apple, peeler, slicer I felt I had arrived. Getting a new kitchen gadget- the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System- made my day. A soap dispenser that you just wave your hand under and the soap comes out? Magic. My kids [Read More...]

With NieNie in mind

Happy Nie Nie Day!!!First, let’s lay the rules down: ~ The money for this bid will be going to the Nie Recovery Fund. After the bid is over, the winner will send the money straight to the fund, not to me. ~ To bid, you just leave an amount as a comment. Check back often to see if someone has outbid you! FYI I will pay for shipping. Please no [Read More...]