Life in Pictures, Instagram Style


Adding one more thing to the list....Instagram (iPhone app). Have it? Use it? Love it? I've had it for awhile but didn't really mess with it too much. Yesterday I did. And now I'm hooked.  And Jeannett also forced me to use it so I could link up to her InstaFriday. She's mean like that.'s an easy way to document life as it goes full force around me.  This … [Read more...]

Eclisse Creazioni


A little blog and Etsy hopping last week landed me at this cool shop-EclisseCreazioniI was drawn to Aurora's beautiful pieces. They had my favorite things on them- pictures, handprints, kids artwork, silhouettes, magnets. I was in heaven.Just take a look: I'll take one of each please.The crafter in me LOVES this keepsake tile with a drawing on it.How cool would it be to wear … [Read more...]