How and Why to Host a Service Auction

How and why to host a service auction - a fun activity that can be planned for school, church, sports organizations and more.

At my church I've been asked to do a lot of different things.  One of the hardest and most fun was being in charge of activities for the women.  We did all kinds of activities over the few years that I was serving these ladies.  One of my favorites of all time was putting on a SERVICE AUCTION. It takes some organization and preparation beforehand but the end result is … [Read more...]

How to Make a Yearly Collage using Instagram + Free Template

How to make a yearly collage using Instagram and a free template from

I love love love pictures. Taking them, displaying them, playing with them.  It probably comes as no surprise that I love Instagram too.   At the end of 2013 I decided to take my favorite pictures from IG and create a collage for each of my kids.  Today I'm sharing how you can do the same thing: Here is how you make a yearly collage in a nutshell: Below is an animated … [Read more...]

Photography Inspiration Link Up

Photography Inspiration Link Up

Happy Friday! I was blown away with all of the tried and true recipes linked up last week.  I pinned a bunch and will continue to pin and share more.  Today I'm asking you to link up some photography links. So far since the shake up, we've linked up: About Me pages Pinterest Instagram Favorite Post Ever Go to Blogs  Favorite Recipes This week is all about being … [Read more...]



You know when you visit a blog that just takes your breath away?  Rebecca's blog, Simple As That, is like that for me.   Every time I visit, her projects are adorable and her photography is outstanding.  If she links up to my Pity Party (thanks for linking up Rebecca!) I can usually tell just from the little pic that it's hers before I even click.   This week Rebecca is … [Read more...]

Pictures for Walls: Instagram Posters + Printable


Kristen Duke asked me to participate in "Decorating with Portraits"- a fun series with some of my favorite bloggers sharing how they display pictures in their homes.  Go visit me over there and check out all of the other amazing ideas!We have pictures throughout our house but I wanted to show a project that I just finished- my Instagram (app from my iPhone) poster and … [Read more...]