Awesome Pinterest Boards to Follow!

Awesome Pinterest Boards to Follow!

I remember being at a conference 4 years ago when one of the presenters talked about this new thing that was going to be BIG someday called Pinterest.  We all scratched our heads because we couldn't envision what she was talking about.  A visual pin board?  What on earth does that mean?  Now I laugh thinking back on how we had no clue that this new little tool was going to … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate Station


Happy Holidays 30days readers!! I hope that each of you are up to your ears in frosting, wrapping and merriment. I wanted to share a little corner of our kitchen today that is bringing a whole lot of warm delight to our winter evenings ... our hot chocolate bar/station.     Now, I am NOT the first person to think of this. Just one quick search in Pinterest and … [Read more...]

How to Make a Gingerbread House

How to make an awesome gingerbread house

Hi, this is Anna from My Life and Kids, and I LOVE the holidays! My kids and I attempted our very first gingerbread house last year. I had been seeing gorgeous gingerbread-house pictures all over Pinterest, and I was ready to tackle a house of my very own. I learned a few things last year, and I'm sharing my top Gingerbread House Building Tips with you... #1 - Just … [Read more...]

Creating a ‘Pin-able’ Image For Your Posts (Pinterest)


Hello 30 Day-ers! I'm back again! This time I'd like to talk about how to create a pin-able image for your posts. This is also how you can create any graphic (think Header, buttons, social media icons, etc) for your blog. The steps are basically the same but in different sizes. So let's say you created an amazing project that you want to write a post about and you'd love for … [Read more...]

Where to Find the Best Kids Activities Online

Where to Find the Best Kids Activities Online

With three little kids at home - I like to keep an arsenal of kids activities and ideas in my back pocket. Or - really - in my bookmarks. Today, I'm sharing my go-to places to find the best kids activities online! Productive Parenting Productive Parenting is pure gold for parents of kids under the age of 5. They have THOUSANDS of free activities cataloged based on the … [Read more...]