The 20 Best Autumn Salads

Think just soups are made for fall? Well I've got The 20 Best Autumn Salads that you won't be able to resist.

There are few things better than gathering all the fall produce you can get your hands on and throwing them into the best autumn salad you can make. Yum. But what if you don't know what to make? I've got you covered. Put aside those boring old salads you're so sick of and get ready to indulge in the season's most delicious flavors. We're talking butternut squash, figs, … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Brownies

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Brownies - amazing dessert from CraftingE for

Hello everyone, it's Emma from Crafting{E} again! Thanks for joining me today! You guys.... I have the most amazing dessert to share with you today! Introducing Crispy Peanut Butter Brownies. If you were wondering, yes... they are as amazing as they look. Not only are these brownies amazingly delicious but they have a story behind them too. This summer my family went on … [Read more...]

Top Instant Pot Recipes to Try and Resources

Top Instant Pot Dinner Recipes plus resources, tips and tricks!

Affiliate links are included below at no additional charge to you whatsoever.  There's a new kid on the block and I have been dying to talk to you about it.  Well I guess it's not exactly new but new to me.  Friends meet my new love, Instant Pot. I have to admit, I bought my Instant Pot when it was on a killer deal on Amazon and it sat in the box for weeks.  I had … [Read more...]

One Pan Chicken and Peas Creamy Pasta


Dinnertime can be such a struggle sometimes!  School is back in session, extra curricular practices have begun and life is in full swing again.  I tend to get in the rut of even thinking of meals to make for dinner and then making them is a whole other issue!  I'm sure this isn't a problem only in my house.  That's why I've been coming up with and making one pan or one dish … [Read more...]

Brazilian Lemonade

4 Ingredient Easy Brazilian Lemonade/Limeade from

Not only have I loved watching the Olympics so far, but I am loving seeing so much of Brazil.  Josh has really enjoyed all of the coverage on Brazil.  He keeps showing all of us what he loved from his time there.  We saw a segment about the food and he went nuts! This Brazilian "lemonade" is so easy to make and super refreshing. Just like the Brazilian Cheese Bread … [Read more...]