Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treats

Leigh Anne from Your Home Based Mom is back to share another delicious treat!Have you noticed all the fun different flavors of marshmallows that have been around lately? This summer I was buying strawberry, chocolate, caramel, swirl, and coconut. All kinds of deliciousness. This Fall there is a new crop of marshmallow flavors. So far I have seen pumpkin, chocolate mint and my personal favorite cinnamon bun. So what do [Read More…]

Easter, Vol 2- Carrots

Who knew there were so many ways to dress a carrot? A few easy gift ideas:Rice Krispie carrots by Gather and NestCheetos carrots by Sisters’ StuffCarrot full of candy on Gratz IndustriesGoldfish Carrots from The Moody Fashionista BTW- my favorite type of carrot is this. ;)