Monogram Crinkle Taggie Baby Toy

Monogram Crinkle Taggie Baby Toy

  Hi 30 Days readers! I'm Allie from Miss Lovie  and today I'm sharing this super easy and perfect baby gift, the Monogram Crinkle Taggie Baby Toy. I made one of these for my niece and blogged about it here, but didn't write a tutorial for it at the time. When a couple of my friends had new babies I used that opportunity to make a few more, but this time I added some more … [Read more...]

Sweet Stocking Stuffer – Handmade Owl Heat Pack


Hi there friends! Hope everyone is surviving the countdown to Christmas! I can't believe we only have.... a couple of weeks. oh yo, I need to get crackin'.  We are always searching for awesomely unique and super rad ideas for gifts. Today we are going to do a quick tutorial on our owl warmer guys. We first made these for our own kiddlets and after a few requests decided to sell … [Read more...]

Rose Flower Tutorial

I'm excited to welcome Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom back for a Funner in the Summer post! She has so many fun ideas on her blog.  I especially love all of her tips.  And today she's sharing a super cute flower tutorial.  Hello! I'm Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom. Excited to be a part of Mique's Funner in the Summer series again this year. I am here to show you how to make … [Read more...]

Summer Sandal Refashion

I'm so excited to have Bev from Flamingo Toes here for another Funner in the Summer post. She's sharing the cutest refashion of summer sandals. Seriously I want to run and redo all my sandals (and like her, I'm a CA girl with a closet full of sandals)  Thanks so much for being here Bev! Hello 30 Handmade Days Readers! I'm so excited to be here today!! I'm Bev and I blog over … [Read more...]

Summer Sewing Inspiration


Happy summer break to all of you!! Maybe you're already in the thick of it, but for us, we just started summer break this week and our weather has yet to really make us think it's summer {not that I'm complaining ... those 100 degree days can take their sweet time getting here}. I'm calling this the 'summer of freedom' and I'm really hoping to fully embrace this time home … [Read more...]