A few sewing basics

I’ve done a few sewing basic posts but wanted to highlight a few more for where to start if you’re interested in sewing.  My sewing this summer has been almost non-existent and these served as a great refresher to me: Sewing Tools by Sew Mama Sew Sewing Machines We Like by Prudent Baby Sewing Tips and Tricks by the Polka Dot Chair Do you have a few sewing tips or [Read More…]

Sewing Basics: the tools edition

There are so many good posts out there right now about sewing basics. I found a few that focused on tools. Do you have favorite sewing tools? Do share. Bridget gives the perfect guide on her favorite things post at Everyday Chaos Casey’s Elegant Musings’ (new fave sewing blog of mine) guide to sewing: the tools Giver’s Log has a great for the budding seamstress post If you are beyond [Read More…]

Back to the basics

Last week I reflected on how I ended up here. This blog of mine. What started out small has grown to something totally unexpected. As much as I love hosting giveaways, I feel like I’ve been neglecting some of the other 30days aspects. Life is just busy, busy, busy and because of this I have drifted away from my personal blog and am doing what I can to get by [Read More…]