Water Gun Fight T-Shirt

Water Gun Fight T-Shirt

Hey guys! It is Larissa again from Just Another Day in Paradise back for another project all about Summer fun. This one involves every one’s favorite summer activity…a water gun fight. However, this is not just any old water gun fight. This is a kids versus the dad water fight. This extra fun and special water gun fight requires a Get Dad Wet Water Gun Fight T-shirt. The Water Gun [Read More…]

Slushie Surprise with Printable

Summer Treat - a slushie surprise printable from the Eighteen25 girls

Next up for Funner in the Summer-  the Eighteen25 girls with the cutest printable for summer.  These girls are some of my favorites.    They are all talented and fun to be around.   Their printables and gift ideas are my go to’s.  Make sure to visit and say hi to to them over there. Hello! It’s Jen, Jamie and Jodie from Eighteen25. It’s so fun to be back for another [Read More…]

Summer Craft Bucket with Printable

Summer Craft Bucket with cute printable www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

  Summer is in full swing at our house.  It’s awesome to be able to sleep in but after a week or so, the “Mom I’m boooooored” comments start.  I created a cute summer craft bucket that could be given to your kids,  for neighbor friends, to anyone just because.   I gathered some of my favorite craft products- crayons, markers, pencils, and construction paper.  I also added some bubbles, [Read More…]

Summer Playlist for Kids and Family

A summer playlist for kids and family from Simply Kierste. Perfect list of songs to make memories to!

Next up for Funner in the Summer-   Kierste from Simply Kierste is here with something that I love..a playlist.    We also got to meet at SNAP in the spring and it was fun to put a face to her name.  Simply Kierste has a little bit of everything – DIY, printables, kids ideas, recipes and more.  Stop by and say hi to her. Hello, friends! I’m Kierste, and I’m delighted to be [Read More…]

4th of July Monogram

Patriotic Monogram Wreath

Hello again!  Glad to be back again this month and also glad that 4th of July is right around the corner!  It is one of my most favorite holidays (I may or may  not say that a lot but I just love holidays I guess!)  Okay, okay…to be 100% honest it’s my favorite SUMMER holiday!  How’s that?  ;-)  Today I am sharing how you can make this simple 4th of [Read More…]

Kids Activities: Summer Punch Cards

Summer Activity Punch Cards to prevent "Mom I'm bored" all summer long! Print out and get punching. www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

It’s the 10th of the month which means my friends and I gathered together to share some fun ideas.  This month’s theme is POLKA DOTS.  I love me some polka dots.  But I was stumped on what to create.  I went for something practical associated with kids activities— summer punch cards.  Check out what I made and then hop on to my friends for more awesome polka dot ideas! Summer [Read More…]

Printable Summer Binder + Activity Sheets

Printable Summer Binder- create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Beat the boredom blues! Printables for each section included.

Yes, another binder. This one is meant to use with your kids for summer.  A summer binder, if you will. And be forewarned- I have a whole lot of information coming at you.   Take from it what you want and use it in your home however you’d like! I’ve tried several things over each summer to keep my kids on track and not just sitting in front of the [Read More…]

Over 25 MORE Kids Crafts & Activities for Summer

Over 25 MORE Kids Summer Crafts & Activities from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Happy 4th of July to my US friends! I hope your day is filled with fun, family, and celebration of the freedom we are fortunate to enjoy! My kids have been out of school for weeks now and some of the newness of summer has worn off.  I’ve been forcing them to sleep in (crying shame!) and do their chores.  What started out as good intentions to do something fun [Read More…]

Summer. Summer. Summertime Printable Banner!

Summer Banner from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this summer banner that I recently hung on my vintage window.  It replaced the banner I made for spring. Not my finest photography ever…but you get the idea! Taken from the 1991 classic- Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, this little colorful banner makes me happy! Make your very own banner: Print three copies of the first sheet [Read More…]

Summer in a Can Printable

Always Summer Printable www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Today I’m guest posting over at my friend Amy’s blog- the Idea Room.  I adore Amy to pieces.  I’m excited to be sharing a little something for summer.  If you are visiting from the Idea Room, welcome!  Get to know a little bit about me, visit my kids ideas, printables and recipes. Make sure you visit the Idea Room to know what a summer can is all about.  I’m going [Read More…]