Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


Here’s a quilt that is as simple as sewing a straight line. That’s right … no intricate piecing or quilting, just lots and lots of straight lines. This is a wonderful beginner project and a great way to get practice while actually sewing something wonderful! I didn’t invent this style of quilting and the idea of sewing a bunch of strips together is nothing new either. It just happens to [Read More…]

How to stitch a lazy daisy

It’s Allison again, here to share another stitch tutorial. Today I am going to share how to make lazy daisies. Of course I had to make a project to go along with it. What is a new stitch without a project to practice with? How about this sweet felt glasses sleeve?   It is the perfect little case for keeping my glasses scratch and dust free in my bedside drawer. [Read More…]

Organizing Your Embroidery Floss


Hi 30 Days readers. It’s Allison , from little lovelies, here to share my favorite embroidery storage idea with you. You can see the other needlework posts that I have done for 30 days by clicking here.   For my post this month, I wanted to share the way that I organize my embroidery thread. I have quickly accumulated a collection of thread and I had to figure out a [Read More…]

Stitched HandPrint Keepsake

  Hi 30 Days readers. It’s Allison , from little lovelies, here to share another embroidery project with you. You can see the other needlework posts that I have done for 30 days by clicking here.   Every six months I have been trying to get a hand print of Sawyer’s to keep and reminisce over as he grows up (so quickly!). There are the more traditional ways – clay [Read More…]

Stitched Heart Bookmarks

Valentine cards

Hello 30 days readers! It’s Allison from little lovelies, here to share an embroidery project with you! This project is so easy and involves so little embroidery that I feel like a cheater even calling it one, but since you have to pick up a needle and thread, we’ll just say it counts.  In time for Valentine’s day, I have come up with the perfect gift to give to all [Read More…]

Sewing … Bare Necessities

Andrea from Knitty Bitties is back to start her sewing series.  Today I’m going to expand a little beyond my introduction and give you a quick run down of what I consider the ‘bare necessities’ {“… the simple bare necessities … “} of sewing/quilting. {Sewing Machine} The one item that is necessary to all sewing is a sewing machine. I’ve had three in the last five years. I started sewing [Read More…]

Needle Arts Contributor- Allison from Little Lovelies

I’m so so so happy to introduce you to another contributor on 30days- my Needle Arts Contributor, Allison.  You may recognize a few projects that I’ve featured here: Help me welcome Allison: My name is Allison and I blog at little lovelies, where I share all sorts of crafts, fun inspiration, and family moments.  I am a wife of 5 years and a working mom to my one year old [Read More…]

Together We Can Rule the World, Take 2


A couple of weeks ago I did a “Together we can rule the world” post and I’m back to share my craft edition. I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed. So pipe up.  Fill in the blanks “Given enough__________ I could rule the world.”   What do you need to rule the world?  For me, it’s all of the below. :) As always, these are for personal use only.  Download [Read More…]