To stuff your (man’s) stocking


I absolutely love Marta's idea for grocery store stocking stuffers. So I thought I'd give you my version. Although I have loads of ideas of what I'd like (ahem), chances are, you won't need items for your own stocking. But maybe for your man. Am I right?Today I am also guest posting at Tip Junkie-sharing my top 10 favorite Christmas moviesplus a perfect movie watching … [Read more...]

Advent-like Holiday Traditions


Yesterday I highlighted advents. Today I want to share a couple of different kind of inexpensive advent-type ideas you can do as a family. You can easily do these today and start a new tradition.savoring the details' Christmas tradition:Gift wrap 25 Christmas books andopen a book each night to read as a family.She shares specific book titles here.Print 25 stories and compile … [Read more...]

The key to being organized


If you are my mom or sister, please don't laugh.This post is meant to help people (like me) out.My blog hopping landed me on several postswith a common theme: organization.I think someone is trying to tell me something.Something like: GET ORGANIZED.Here are the posts that I loved and will (attempt to) use:*Erin's organization tips at No Biggie*31 days to a less messy nest from … [Read more...]



The 5 of us at a cave in Hanalei, KauaiSo I made it here and it is BEAUTIFUL! **The traveling with #1 went over well- he didn't love going up or coming down (no shock there) but he was probably the best of the 3 while in the air. I didn't have to use my cards and all the stuff we brought for him seemed to work. ****The hotel is amazing and my kids are in heaven. And I DO have … [Read more...]