Chicken Tetrazzini (Chicken Spaghetti)

Chicken Tetrazzini - a family favorite main dish/dinner recipe

This dinner recipe is so simple because you can use whatever you have on hand and add to it what you want.  It's a base for any main dish.  And it's the perfect dish to make after Thanksgiving with all that leftover turkey.  I've had this recipe since I was in college- it was one of my favorites that my Mom made for us growing up. In the recipe I mention that I … [Read more...]

Leftover Turkey Recipes

15+ Leftover Turkey Recipes- soups, sandwiches, main dishes. Perfect for leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun, family and good food. If you're anything like me, you have plenty of turkey left over and aren't really sure what do with it. So I've gathered leftover turkey recipes that you might like to try!MAIN DISHESTurkey Tetrazzini Turkey Lasagna from Blissfully Delicious Turkey Quesadillas from Family Spice Turkey Pot Pie … [Read more...]

Italian Turkey Soup

Italian Turkey Soup

In anticipation of the turkey leftovers you may be dealing with on Friday and the lack of desire to cook you will probably have, I thought I'd share one of my favorite easy ways to use up leftover turkey - Italian Turkey Soup! I have also made this soup with chicken and it is just as delicious but since you may be dealing with an over abundance of turkey on Friday let's use … [Read more...]

Middle Man


This year in particular it feels like Thanksgiving hasn't gotten the proper attention it deserves in my home. With the QBM last week, I already brought out the Christmas music (before you freak out, it was a "holiday show" so Christmas music was required). Poor Thanksgiving gets squished in between Halloween and Christmas- it's the middle man. Watching Throwdown with the … [Read more...]

Winner- winner- winner


**I started this post yesterday, then my silly son pulled out the internet cords and I couldn't figure it out! Sorry about the delay!***Thanks to all of you that entered the vol25 giveaway. Jess is amazing! I hope you all got in on her Black Friday sale. She still has some items on sale over there so go get your shop on!I'm SO looking forward to telling you about the secret … [Read more...]