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At the beginning of this year I stumbled across
a shop and blog that I fell in love with.
I mean how could I not with art like this?

This one is my current fave:

Quite appropriate for this week, don’t ya think?

Second only to this one (above),
my all time favorite.

Jess’ Vol 25 blog is fantastic. Her art stunning. And on top of that, she’s super nice and easy to work with. She so kindly let me host a giveaway way back in January. And lucky for all of you, she’s offered to do another one!

Up for grabs this time is:
(1) 8×10 print of your choice.
– Wouldn’t this make a great gift for someone for the holidays?-
Or you could just pick something out for yourself. That works too.

Go to her shop– tell me what strikes your fancy.

For just a few extra entries:
1) Announce this giveaway (can be blog, twitter, facebook- just leave separate comments for each, otherwise they won’t count).
2) Become a follower (or let me know that you are one already).

3) For a secret project- to be announced sometime soon- we need to know how many of you own photoshop. So in a comment say- yes or no.
4) Tell us what you are especially grateful for.

I will announce a winner next Monday, November 30th.

If you want to skip the giveaway and just purchase, Jess is offering free
priority mail shipping if you mention you came from 30days.
So hurray-go get some holiday shopping done.

{Thank you Jess!}

***Edited to add: Jess is having a Black Friday sale and Early Bird Specials. Check out her post here for more details.***

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  1. Arah says

    I am especially grateful for my family. At the moment, I am greateful that my baby is sleeping so that I have a few minutes to myself.

  2. Anne says

    I am still sad I didn't win the last giveaway from her shop :)

    I would love to win esp the wash cycle or the i am a bookworm- new for august

  3. crystal says

    And! Last comment! I am so thankful for healthy children. I love them so much.

    Love you, Mique :)

  4. crystal says

    I love the "You Are Beautiful" print with all the mirrors. WHat a great giveaway! And happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. Amy says

    I am especially grateful this year for a hardworking husband (two jobs and donates plasma!) who is so supportive of me staying at home with the kids. He and I wouldn't have it any other way, and it works so well for us.

  6. Amy says

    Love this shop! I would have to pick the customizable tree print, since my anniversary is coming up!

  7. cindi says

    How do I choose which is my favorite? Each time i looked, I found a new favorite. But if I have to… I'll choose the owl that says Love Who you are.

  8. lorena says

    Here are a few I like: "a smart person", "knowledge speaks", and "toasted with love" because my husband always says my toast smells so good. :)

  9. John, Sarah and Maddie says

    I am grateful that my husband and I still have jobs and are not stuggling financially.

  10. John, Sarah and Maddie says

    The "bound to you" print has always been a favorite of mine…it's on my wish list for my bedroom makeover!

  11. AEDINSY says

    Hi love the art and shop.. mY fav was "smart People" and " I love books" i follow ruffles and stuff which is what brought me here.. I did a shout out on twitter, facebook and added as a fav seller on Etsy. Im grateful for my husband who ive been married to for 15 months. He loved me when I thought I could never be loved. Its changed me completely, he is a blessing I thank God for everyday.

    Glad to have found you x
    An English woman in ca/blogspot.com

  12. Alli Forsyth says

    I think my favorite is also yours. I love the one about being grateful for this day. SO appropriate for anyday, not just this week. Thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to this store.

  13. Sare says

    I am especially grateful for my husband. I always hear friends complain about different things their husbands do, and though my husband isn't perfect, I have nothing to complain about. He's the best eternal companion I could ever hope for, and he always makes me feel beautiful.

  14. LeAnn says

    I love 'Wishful!' It would look beautiful in my room :)

    I'm very grateful for my family – my kids are almost grown and they've become such fantastic young men – much like their father.

    I announced this on FB, I am now following Jess' live feed on Etsy and I have photoshop :)

  15. Beth says

    ohh! i was just fav'ing soem of her pritns this week! i love so many of them, and love that her art is affordable!
    I love the 'write in youe heart' print, i think it would be a great to hang in my kitchen with a reminder of how to start the day! :)

    oh, and i dont have photoshop.

  16. Tegan and Tage says

    I am particularly thankful that we live in a town where our families are and that they are willing and able to watch our son for us during the week. We are extremely blessed!

  17. giddygoat says

    I follow on Bloglines.
    I love the Happiness one with the blue travel trailer. We are saving for one this year so this would be perfect to have!

  18. Cerise says

    Just love all of them. I'm adding the shop as a favorite on etsy right now!
    My fav would have to be Wishful. SO pretty and it would look PERFECT in my craft/playroom.

  19. Christa says

    I am especially grateful for my husband who works so hard so I can stay home with my girls…and without him I wouldn't have my beautiful girls!

  20. Christa says

    I really like the, "Do all things with love" customized one, so you can put your own initials in it!

  21. Katie says

    I am so thankful for the ability to be able to see lots of family this Thanksgiving. My coworker and her family are having hard times so they don't have the means to travel to see her dad. :) I am so thankful that even though we are a young couple who sometimes struggles, we can still find a way to insert travel funds in to the budget!!

  22. frugalisfab says

    I am thankful for my family. It has been a rough year for us, but we all still have each other and that is what really matters. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Katie says

    I actually discovered her shop last week! There are so many things in her shop that I enjoy! My favorites are:
    -Write it in your heart
    -You are beautiful
    -Knowledge speaks
    -Peace, like charity

  24. Just Rhonda says

    oh i love her stuff!!!! My favorite are actually the same as yours I've been deciding lately which one to buy!! I am a follower of your blog. And yes I have Photoshop CS3. love it :)

  25. Cari says

    I am especially grateful for a healthy family. We have had a rough year health-wise, but, for now, we are all healthy and happy. Fingers crossed.

  26. Cari says

    I think my fave would have to be Wishful. It just speaks to me and would be perfect for my daughters nursery.

  27. the mama monster says

    i am thankful for my family, that i am able to have children, and they are all healthy and happy.

  28. Aimee says

    I am thankful for my whole life. For plentiful food, a roof over my head (even if it leaks!), my kids are healthy, for a wonderful hard working husband!

  29. Aimee says

    Thanks for "showing" me this shop. I love her art. I sometimes need a little reminder to be grateful, joyful and to live in the moment. So I would get the reatful one.

  30. Cherry Blossoms says

    I will be greatful for this day is my favorite…there are too many days I wake up and get stressed over the little stuff!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  31. sarah says

    also– i am extremely grateful for my family. cliche, i know, but i honstly can't imagine a set of people more perfect for me. <3.


  32. middleofthetable says

    i love vol 25… i think i found her via your blog last itme. I am crossing my fingers!! :)


  33. amy says

    yep, i'm a follower in my google reader.

    nope, no photoshop (but my husband has it so maybe technically i have it?).

    i'm thankful for this morning's quiet. sipping my coffee, basking in the quiet.

    i would def. pick your fave! it's my fave too.

  34. aSprinkling says

    I am thankful for my kids! (and lots of other things…but they're right with me at the moment)

  35. Cee says

    I am especially grateful that my sister moved back close to home this year. She has been living away from here for the last 15 years!

  36. Cee says

    I added this shop to my favorites today, all thanks to you! I think I'm loving on the "Hearts Can Build a Home".

  37. { jessica } says

    I must agree! I love the "i will be grateful for this day" poster! But I also like the Remember Happiness one!

  38. Katie R says

    I am very thankful for my own space to be creative, for my wonderful husband, and the little girl I work with- I am so blessed!

  39. Danielle says

    I am especially greatful for my two little boys.. They made me who I am today and continue to make me a better person everyday.

  40. Bec says

    I am especially grateful for my family! I haven't be with them for Thanksgiving (or Christmas)for 5 years, but like another of my favorite Vol 25 prints says, "Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." Love that!

  41. Bec says

    Thanks for introducing me to this shop! I'm adding it to my Etsy favorites!!
    I love so many things…but I think my current favorite is the Remember Happiness.