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It’s amazing how blogs bring people together. Last year I started following a blog called Domestic Goddess Blog (dgoddessblog). This blog was full of ideas- stuff to make, stuff to do, things to inspire. It was clear that Brittany had a knack for finding and creating beauty. And that the details are important to her- my kind of girl! We became friends and I’ve relied on her party planning expertise many times over. She recently launched One Charming Party. I knew she’d be perfect to interview about party planning.

First, tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a happy mommy & wife living in Utah. I have four kiddos and one husband. I love high heels and pedicures. I’m a total sucker for movies based on a true story and I buy everything the door-to-door salesmen are selling. I wish I had more time to read. I’m a budgeter and debt free junkie. I love autumn and my favorite vacations are weekend trips to cold places like New York and San Francisco. I dream of driving a small, fast car and living in a condo in the city. I’d love to spend a summer in France and if I overhear complete strangers speaking French I ask them to talk to me so that I can practice. I hate camping, grocery shopping and doing laundry. I’m a bit of a closet feminist and I homebirthed two of my kids. I became a vegan about a year and a half ago. I collect cake stands, I think I have at least 20. And, of course, I’m always planning a party in my head.

And a bit about One Charming Party: This is my business that grew out of my love for organizing parties.
How did you get into party planning? After planning a few parties for friends, I realized that I wanted to keep doing it for anyone who would let me.
Where do you go for inspiration when planning a party? Everywhere. The internet, parties I’ve been to, weddings, magazines, billboards. Anything I see that I like, I store away in my head as a possible party idea. I jot down websites all of the time when I’m out and about. And I’ve even been know to beg my hairstylist to let me take home a magazine from the salon because I found cool info in it.
What 3 things are key to remember in planning any event? 1. Make sure to pick a few key colors to go along with your party theme. This can really help to tie a party together in a simple way and cut down on decorating costs. 2. Know your location. For example, if you are having a party at a park, go to the park several times and notice the tables, how they are set up and if they can be moved, check for power outlets and bathrooms, etc. Also if you are renting a space, take a few pictures of it so you don’t forget what everything looks like. And utilize things that may be available to use such as tables and chairs, a refrigerator, sinks. 3. Have a manageable guest list. In other words, don’t invite too many people. None of us want to exclude anyone, but a party becomes less fun if it gets out of control with too many people. This goes for parties with adults too. Everyone wants the attention of the guest of honor, and if too many people are there, no one gets to spend any quality time with the birthday person.
I know that you are eco-friendly, do you have any advice on how to make a party more “green?” Of course. If your party is at home or at a location that makes it feasible, always use reusable tablecloths, dishes, cups, utensils, etc. Eliminate cheap, plastic favors and candy that will only end up in the trash and instead give one great item as a take home favor, or even better, give a homemade item that you think will be kept and not thrown away. Start a trend in your neighborhood by forgoing gifts at your birthday parties–I do this for all of my kids’ parties. I print it very clearly on the invite: absolutely no gifts please. My motive is to keep plastic toys out of the land fill (where most toys end up) and to keep my play room clean and uncluttered with extra toys.
Any budget friendly tips? I wish. I spend way too much money on my parties.
Who would you love to work with/for? Rebecca Thuss. And Amy Atlas.
What is your all time favorite party that you’ve thrown? Probably the family reunion that my mom let me be in charge of last year. I turned it into a carnival with carnival games, a cotton candy machine, a clown who did face painting, a helium tank for balloons, and a bounce house. Plus I had fresh flower arrangements made, part of the food was catered and delivered, and we served a huge chocolate wedding type cake for dessert. I provided a craft for all of the ladies to make as well. Ahhh… I loved that party.

A few of your favorite blogs you frequent?
Mostly wedding blogs:
Once Wed
Brooklyn Bride
Oh So Beautiful Paper
Ritzy Bee Blog
I could go on and on. Basically if it’s a wedding blog, I’ve read it at least once.

Thanks so much B!!
Make sure to check her out (and say hello :):
one charming party
& one charming party blog

And thanks to everyone for stopping by this week-
I had fun interviewing some amazing bloggers.
Have a lovely weekend.

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    I've drooled over her lovely party googies many times… so lovely and delightful. A true PARTY GIRL with complete style, zest and beauty!!!!!!