What about Tumblr?

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Back from a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas and ready to tackle the week. Continuing on in my pursuit to better understand social media, next up is Tumblr. All of the social media that I’ve been posting about isn’t meant for everyone. Take what you want and run with it. I’m just trying to figure it out myself. ;)

My friend, Gussy is the one that got me thinking about Tumblr (she even tumbled a post of mine awhile back- fun!). Because I have a blog I wondered if there was any point to having Tumblr as well. I’m still working on it. Most of the images I’ve used here lately have been found via Tumblr.

Here are a couple posts I found to help out:
Mosaic of Grace’s Tumblr tutorial

Keep up with your favorite links using Tumblr by A Familiar Path
Melissa says: “Even though I have a blog, tumblr helps me keep up with things I want to remember, crafts I want to try and fun things I want to read again.”

Some of my favorites:
Gussy Sews
the Inspired Room
the Nester
ABCD Designs

What about you-
Do you know what Tumblr is all about?
Do you have an account?
Do you find it useful?
Is it just one.more.thing?

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  1. Ammie says

    Like Alisa, I <3 tumblr. Bookmarking and reposting is so so easy on tumblr. I don't use it much for social networking, though. Mostly I use it to keep track of all the awesome projects I want to do.

  2. Genevieve says

    so i run blog and used to use tumblr. it was great for awhile to use instead of bookmarks or starring posts in google reader but it got to much for me to try and keep it updated! and i found that sadly once a post was removed or something, if i had just bookmarked it, i couldn't get to it again!

    but i now use evernote. i lu-hu-uve it!! it is so simple- just click a button on your browser window and it saves it all there. so even if the post is gone, i still have it copied. and the organization is fantastic! and if you're away or using a different computer- you can just email it to your evernote. i posted about evernote awhile back if you want to read more about it-


    seriously- love evernote! (but tumblr is fun to see what all of your friends bookmark too) thanks!

  3. Alisa says

    I have a blog, but I ♥ my tumblr!

    I use it instead of bookmarking ideas. I learned the hard way that you can loose all your great bookmarked ideas if your computer crashes.

    I like clicking on the archives so I can see all the pretty pictures and ideas on one screen {mostly}.

    here's mine: