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For the 4th of July we headed up to a tiny little town in Southern Oregon.  It forced me to stay unplugged (with the exception of 10 minutes in a parking lot ;)).   It was a nice little break from the fast paced world of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (!!) and more.  Although I definitely needed the time away, I missed my online friends. 
With the risk of sounding much older than I actually am…lately I’ve thought a lot of about how quickly the world has changed.  Back when Josh and started dating the internet had only been around for a couple of years.  We didn’t even own cell  phones.  Texting didn’t exist.  Everyone had pagers (!). 
I remember it being a huge deal to me that Josh set up my first email account.  It was a big deal because a) it was an email account and b) it was with his last name and we were engaged, soon to be married.  Also around the same time that I would practice my signature.  Should I do an upper case P like this or like that? Decisions, decisions.

Josh and Me: pre-email

Since that email account was set up, we have used it to:

  • send love notes
  • share our news of buying our first house
  • announce the birth of our three kids
  • send apologies to each other
  • share our news of buying our dream house
  • and SO much more

This short and sweet video from Yahoo! captures
how I’ve used my email over the years!
I’d love to know where you were in your life when
you set up your first email account. And how has your life changed?