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Giveaway Week, Day 3 Wrap Up

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday. This week has been quite the whirlwind around here. I hope nobody is losing steam because I still have another great day planned for tomorrow and Friday too! Here’s who I featured today:Joy’s Hope is giving away a pretty messy flower headband and pretty messy flower pin.The Vintage […]

Giveaway Week Eve

Tomorrow is the big day- the kickoff to Giveaway Week here on 30days!I am so excited about all of the shops participating this week.I can’t gush enough about how generous they are.They are on the links to visit their shops So here’s the lowdown: Every hour on the :30 (as in 30days, get it?), […]

A little differently

{image via ABCD Designs} After Giveaway Week I forgot to mention that I wanted to start doing giveaways a bit differently.-From here on out you’ll need to add your email address when you enter a giveaway (we had a bit of a mix up during Giveaway Week and it was a big bummer).– Also I’m […]

Just wanted to let you know that I’m working hard and putting the finishing touches on my Giveaway Week. I will be back tomorrow, Sunday August 15th to announce the Giveaway Week rules and info. It’s going to be F.U.N. Spread the word. Thanks! p.s. I’ll also be announcing the ShadowCase giveaway winner tomorrow. So […]


This time next week will be the launch of 30days Giveaway Week.  Sunday will be guidelines day and Monday the actual fun will start…. You seriously don’t want to miss out. Now there are 30+ shops involved.That’s a lot of giveaway goodness ;) Can’t wait…..can you?Just in case you want to spread the word, snag […]