How to stitch a lazy daisy

It’s Allison again, here to share another stitch tutorial. Today I am going to share how to make lazy daisies. Of course I had to make a project to go along with it. What is a new stitch without a project to practice with? How about this sweet felt glasses sleeve?


It is the perfect little case for keeping my glasses scratch and dust free in my bedside drawer.

 You’ll need:

  • felt
  • needle/embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • optional: an old case to use as a template
Cut a piece of felt using an old case as a template. My piece of felt ended up being 6.5×6.25″. This size is large enough for most glasses, so if you want to skip the whole “using a case as a template” part, I’ve given you a short cut.
Before starting to stitch, I folded my felt in half and rounded the bottom corner. I like the little finishing touch it gives, and it also makes stitching around corners much easier.


top: Begin your first petal by making a loop of thread. Don’t pull your loop all the way through.
middle: At the top of your petal, bring the needle up inside the loop and pull the thread through. You don’t want to pull too tightly – just enough that there is slight enough tension to make a rounded petal shape.
bottom: Insert your needle down just outside of the loop and pull your thread through. You’ve just made a lazy daisy petal!


Repeat the process until you have 5 petals. This is a great practice project, so add as many flowers as you’d like.

To finish the case, just stitch around the edges and knot at the end.

This a perfect project if you’re just getting started in stitching, and it would also be a great project to teach someone else with. Have fun with it and make it your own!

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Happy stitching!

Allison blogs at little lovelies, where she shares all sorts of crafts, fun inspiration, and family moments. She is a wife of 6 years and a working mom to her two year old son, Sawyer. She loves all sorts of crafts, especially those of the stitched variety – knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, and crochet. Give her a Diet Coke, reality tv, needle and thread and she’s one happy girl.

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    Hello Mique,
    Thanks for sharing this project, it is super cute. I love making things that are creative and quick to make. I am going to make a few cases with my daughter, so I pinned it. ;o)
    Smiles, Paula