DIY Wood Dominoes

DIY Wood Dominoes

Hello friends! We have a quick, easy and super rad DIY for ya ‘alls. We filled an old metal basket with some ginormous DIY dominoes. {that is a super strange word to type..ginormous. } This is easy. Like really easy peasy. And the total spent was…. $0. yeah, that’s a zero. I just used scrap fence wood I had in the backyard. And leftover stuff from other projects. Here is the list of supplies you will need:Supplies for dominoes

I found a couple of 1×6 boards but you can just pick up a couple at your local hardware shop. I cut the boards to 14 inches. If you don’t have a way to do that yourself  the nice people at Home Depot will cut them for you. I then stained each board with a dark walnut. I think the contrast with the white paint looks great.Step 1- DIY dominoes

I then measured the middle of the board and used the ruler as a stencil for the middle line. I know, technical. Then I just used the milk cap to do various number patterns. Just trace and then fill in with your white paint. After the paint dried I hit it with a sander to soften up the paint and distress the edges just a bit. Beautiful!!Step 2- DIY Dominoes

And Tada! You have created some super ginormous rad dominoes. Hope everyone enjoys their Valentines! Happy love day to you!!

xoxo, Dev and Shawna

Salty Bison
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    i know this may sound weird, but i’ve always thought decorating with dominoes & bowling pins would be fun! maybe i dreamed that up, IDK??? anyways, i think these are so cute!~