Thanksgiving Craft: Make a Rock Turkey

Thanksgiving Craft: Make a rock turkey for a cute place setting!

I love setting the Thanksgiving table. One of my favorite things at the Thanksgiving table, besides you know the food, is a really cute name place card. This year, I made really cute Rock Turkey name place cards for the kids Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Craft: Make a rock turkey for a cute place setting!  from Just Another Day in Paradise

There were so easy and fun to make.  This is also a pretty kid friendly craft.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY 1

All you need is:


brown paint


google eyes

hot glue

I started by spray painting all my rocks brown.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY 3

I cut out feather shaped pieces of felt in orange, red, turquoise, and yellow. I also cut out tiny beak shaped triangles.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY2

Then hot glue the google eyes and the beak onto the rock.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY 5

Glue a yellow, turquoise, red, and orange feather together in a fan pattern.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY 6

Put a large circle of hot glue at the base of the feather fan and firmly press the rock onto the glue.

Rock Turkey Craft 4

Let the glue dry to make sure it sets. You can be done here, or you can add a name tag to make it a place setting for the kids’ Thanksgiving table. To add the name tag, just print off the name on a piece of card stock and cut into strips.

Rock Turkey Craft DIY 7

Set the Rock Turkey name card on top of a stack of cute patterned paper plates. This makes a place setting any kid will LOVE.

Thanksgiving Craft: Make a rock turkey for a cute place setting!  from Larissa of  Just Another Day in Paradise

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