Kids Craft: DIY Beaded Sun Catcher

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Hi, y’all!

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I am mostly know in blogworld for my DIY Home renovation projects, but today, I am going to share something crafty with you. Every now and then, I like to try something crafty. Smile


A few weeks ago, my son, Luke, came home from church excited about something he had made in Sunday School.

It was a DIY beaded sun catcher {made with beads and a disposable pie pan.}

suncatcher 007

It was such a cute, easy craft. He said, “Mom, you should show this on your blog!”

I agreed, except I added a little twist to mine.

I decided to make a mobile for the fourth of July.

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Here is how simple it is…

First, line some metal pans with a single layer of beads. {Any color you choose.}

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For fun, I used metal cookie cutters to create some stars. Be sure to get some of the translucent beads so that the light will shine through them when you turn them into sun catchers.

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These can be baked in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, or on the grill. They do stink when baking, so if you do it indoors, I suggest you open some windows and turn on an exhaust fan.

To avoid the stink, I just melted mine on the grill. You can set your grill on medium high heat and leave the beads on the grill until they are fully melted. You want all of the “bumps” in the beads to disappear before removing them from the grill. They should look smooth like glass.

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Set aside to cool.

Once the melted beads have cooled, you can easily pop them out of their containers.

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I used a small drill bit to drill some holes in my stars according to how I wanted to hang them.

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I used a piece of leftover wood I had in my house to create the top of my mobile. I painted it white and drilled holes in the top and bottom.

If you don’t want to use wood, you could use something like foam board.

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Then I just used a blue sharpie marker to write “Happy 4th” on the wood. I was going to use my Silhouette to make some vinyl letters, but I know that not everyone has a Silhouette, so I wanted you to see it is just as cute using a marker.

Aren’t the stars beautiful? I just love them. And my boys think they are the coolest!

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This is a super easy summer project that you can do with your children this summer. Let them each make their own sun catchers using the color of beads that they choose.


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Then just hang them up inside or outside and enjoy their simple beauty.

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Have you ever made a beaded sun catcher before?


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  1. Joy says

    I think you could also string these to make wind chimes also. They do make a sound when tapped together.

  2. Ashby says

    Hi! I was wondering how Luke’s was made at Sunday school? Did they too grill it? I’m trying to get craft ideas on a low budget with minimal supplies for a summer camp.

  3. teresa says

    These are so cute and so professional looking. i think they’d make a darling crib mobile perhaps in cute animal shapes, or even hanging from a light fixture.They’d also make unique blind pulls. Great projects and kudos to your kids for recognizing a blogworthy idea when they see one! :)

  4. Peggy says

    Well, how cool is that!? Could also do something for Fathers Day with this idea. Love it!

  5. Angela says

    I love this! I’ve had something similar pinned for a while, but hesitated because of the fumes. It never occurred to me to use the grill. Anyway, your mobile/suncatcher is so cute, I’m excited to try it…on the grill. ;)