Take Your Stitching on the Go

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We are gearing up for a family vacation in a few weeks, and I am starting to think ahead to what I’d like to pack. I’ve got the basics down – clothes, shoes, toiletries, swimsuits – but it’s the little things you remember to bring that really make a vacation easier and more enjoyable. Like what? A power strip because there are never enough outlets in a hotel room, ziploc bags for messes that happen when you are on the go, a white noise machine to drown out hall noise from other hotel guests, and an important one for me – something to do in my “down” time. I usually bring a book and a few magazines, but on this vacation I decided to bring along some stitching.

I made up a little stitching on the go bag to throw in my suitcase and thought I’d share some tips for taking your stitching along with you.

What to bring:
1. A bag to hold it all: I made this zipper pouch using a tutorial found here. I used felt for padding like the tutorial suggests. I like the extra thick bag because I feel like my project will be safe in there.
2. A pattern: Choose your pattern beforehand and print it out. If your pattern is from a book or magazine, make a copy to take along with you.
3. A loaded hoop: Go ahead and load your hoop with your material of choice. You want to get all the prep work done that you can before you take it with you.
4. A pair of scissors: Make sure you have a cover for your scissors (not pictured) so you don’t poke through your fabric or your bag.
5. A few needles: I made a few needle match books that I stash my needles in. Make sure to bring along more than one in case one gets lost.
6. A ring of thread colors: Since I already keep my thread organized on plastic cards, it makes it easy to grab the colors you need and keep them handy on a binder ring.
7. A pencil: I mark off rows on my cross stitch patterns so I always make sure I have a pencil with me when I’m stitching. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a pen in case it broke inside the bag.

Other tips for happy on the go stitching:

  • Bring a “small” project – not only in size but an easy pattern with only a few colors. You want something fun and relaxing and that doesn’t require a lot of concentration.
  • Keep in mind – no scissors are allowed in your carry on if you are flying on a plane. If you are going to need to cut your thread on the plane, bring along small nail clippers to cut your thread and stash your scissors in your checked luggage.
  • If you’re bringing an embroidery project, trace the pattern onto your fabric before you leave.
  • Bring old or cheap scissors you don’t mind losing. 
  • This idea isn’t just for vacation – think road trips, kid’s practices, lunch breaks, craft nights, etc. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips for taking your stitching on the go. As always, you can find me on facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. I’d love to hear from you!



  1. says

    Great Job as usual Allison! I love the whole idea… I will definitely be taking a stitching project on our next little road trip and this is a great way to keep it all organized! Have a great week!!

  2. Barb says

    Kelly is right you can bring scissors on the plane in your carry on. I flew 6x in the month of June and wanted to work on my hand stitched projects. The length of the blade is the question in scissors. I went online to the airlines requirements. I had no problem with a small pair of scissors with a point, the blade was 2 and 1/2 inches and kept in my sewing pouch. Great post. Thanks for the ideas of keepingmy floss organized.

  3. says

    Great ideas, Allison, and I love the zippered pouch! I wish I had time to make one before our upcoming long weekend at the beach. I haven’t flown in a few years, but the last time I flew I was allowed to take scissors on the plane… I made sure they were kids’ safety scissors without a point. I brought along size 17 knitting needles and no one batted an eye! (Now those you can do some damage with, lol!) I was only going to bring knitting on my trip, but now I want to prep an embroidery project to take along, too. Thanks for the inspiration!