DIY Baseball Bow Headband

DIY Baseball Bow Headband from The Cards We Drew

Hey friends! It's Abbey here from The Cards We Drew! Spring is finally here and in my family that means BASEBALL season is in full gear. My husband has played baseball recreationally and professionally all his life. So when his high school baseball team ends, his men's baseball team begins...which means us "baseball wives" get a chance to bring the kids out, hang out, and watch … [Read more...]

No Heat Curls

Learn how to master no heat curls with these 3 techniques!

Hello 30 Days readers!  I am excited about today's post because for one, I have been working on it for a while, and second of all it is oh so fun and perfect for summer.  I just know that of you will love it.  Why?  Because it is how to have fabulous hair in no time at all.  Yep, read on young grasshopper, read on. Are you ready for me to rock your hair … [Read more...]

How to make a headband- Zig Zag Tutorial


I know there are so many tutorials for headbands out there.  This is my spin on how to make a headband- a zig zag headband.  If you're anything like me, you already have all the things you need on hand to make it. Here's what you need: Pick out a scrap of fabric and coordinating scrap of felt.    Here's what I chose: Cut fabric into 2 pieces of 3"x1".Face fabric pieces … [Read more...]

Fall Leaves Headband Tutorial Revisited


It's FALL! I thought I'd share a fall leaves headband tutorial that I posted a few years ago. This project is easy and fast- I used items from my craft room to make it.  You could take supplies you have on hand and make a variation of it too. To start, you will need the following: scissors a scrap piece of fabric for the button cover button kit glue gun & glue gun … [Read more...]