DownEast Basics Review and Giveaway


Congrats to Amy #156! Thanks for entering everyone. xoxo I’ve had the opportunity to work with DownEast Basics several times in the past. I feel fortunate to post about a clothing company that I love. DownEast’s clothes are comfortable, cute and very affordable. I always look forward to getting their catalog in the mail. If only Angie were around to take fabulous pictures. … [Read more...]

the “A word:” take 8


After years of putting it off, I finally decided to share my story as an autism momma. If this is your first time reading, start here. I especially appreciate all the comments left last week on a sensitive subject. Although not everyone agreed with me, for the most part people were very respectful and I am so grateful. Thank you! I’d love to hear more from you, email me. … [Read more...]

Groopdealz Magazine Deal

I have a little known secret on this blog. I used to be really into couponing. I went through a phase and completely stock piled for months. I went from nothing to my laundry room cabinets looking like this: All product that was free by way of coupons. And I had a whole wall of cabinets. sigh. There was a point to this….where was I? Oh yes, I LOVE a good deal. (thank you Mom … [Read more...]

Thank You Giveaway from Lisa Leonard


Congrats #81- Vanessa from Brock Rocks- you win!! As 30days continues to grow, I want to say thanks for following along. Last week was a great one for this little blog of mine- I hit some exciting numbers-Thank you sooooo much! So today I’m celebrating. What better way than to say thanks than in the form of some Lisa Leonard love? Lisa creates meaningful handmade jewelry. Her … [Read more...]

the Queen Bee Market {accepting applications}

Queen Bee Market Can you believe? We’re already buzzing about the next Queen Bee Market? If you own a handmade shop, you don’t want to miss out. We are currently accepting applications for the Spring Market at the Del Mar Hilton, May 6th and 7th. If you don’t have a handmade shop but are looking for a fun weekend of shopping, what could be better than San Diego in May? … [Read more...]