Meet the Team

Thanks for visiting my “Meet the Team” page.  I am so excited about all of the people who have joined me here on 30days.  They cover crafts, cooking, organization and more.  Take a minute to get to know them a little.

Mique :: Owner & Creator

Get to know a little more about me on my About Me page.  Like what my favorites are and what I’m passionate about.  Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.

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Allie :: Crafts

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Becky :: Organization

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Bethany :: Crafts, Recipes

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Brittany :: Cooking & Baking

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Danielle :: Round Ups

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Emma :: Cooking + Crafts

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Jen :: Crafts, Party, DIY

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Jessi :: Budgeting

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Kelly :: Recipes, Freezer Meals

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Larissa :: Crafts

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Summer :: Crafts, Party, DIY

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Vanessa :: Crafts, Printables

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