Checklists: Countdown to Clean Printables

Cheryl from Tidy Mom did a fabulous Countdown to Clean series where she broke cleaning responsibilities into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines.  Which is awesome because heaven knows I could use the cleaning help myself!! So I created the printables for her checklists.  I plan on printing these out and putting them in a binder.

Cleaning Checklists

Daily Routine Checklists Weekly Routine Checklists
Monthly Routine Checklists
Yearly Routine Checklists
You can print out your own Countdown to Clean checklists.

For personal use only.

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    These are fantastic. I am in the process of preparing a homekeeping notebook for my 19 year old daughter. It will include all of her favorite recipes, as well as housekeeping tips. These printables will definitely be a part of that. Thanks so much for sharing them!

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    This is fantastic! With the darker chillier mornings I’m finding it difficult to get motivated to do the house work, these are great prompts! Thanks to you both for sharing