Easy Front Door Halloween Decor

easy front door halloween decor

My stock of Halloween decor has dwindled in the past few years with some moves we’ve had and my occasional need to purge our “stuff”. So when I saw this chevron burlap I thought it would be a good chance to make something fresh for our front door during Halloween.

walmart chev burlap

I bought 2 1/2 yards and cut it down the middle to make two curtain panels. Using a stable gun I attached them to a piece of reclaimed wood cut to fit the top of our doorway.

halloween curtains

I attached the wood to the door frame using screws but you could also use these 3m removeable hooks.

halloween curtains 2

The mailbox looked neglected so I fixed it up with a little moss and a Salty Bison sign, hanging it with the 3M hooks discussed earlier.

halloween mailbox

The Dead and Breakfast sign is one I made a couple years ago…

Dead and Breakfast

And the pumpkin stands (tutorial here) are ones that I use year round for potted plants.

pumpkin stand

And there it is folks! Now it’s time for a twix, or kit kat…or both! There’s no way it’s going to last til the 31st. xoxox-Salty Bison Girls

 salty bison front door halloween decor2

Salty Bison
Salty Bison is the brain child of Devenie Boyer and Shawna Andreasen. Its humble beginnings consisted of a tiny garage and a messy kitchen table. With 10 kids between the two of them their "work from home" experience has left a trail of mismatched shoes, watermelon rinds and power tools. When their husbands are in charge of the littles you can often spot them prowling through scrap yards and thrift stores. Their upcycled custom work has appeared in restaurants, businesses and homes across the country. And how do they accomplish this you ask...with a steady diet of mint brownies and bruschetta. Their items are sold in their etsy shop and at major handcrafted events throughout the western states.
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    I love the curtains…I want that fabric so bad…I think you should leave it up even after Halloween because it’s so cute. I did some outdoor decor from Dollar Tree for the little trick or treaters and it was so fun to jazz up the dollar stuff…I can’t wait for halloween night now.