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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (have I mentioned that yet?).  I’ve had so much fun coming up with new ideas to share with you here! Today I get to share an idea and give away a basket full of things for the perfect date. Woohooooo!
28 awesome bloggers have put together Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! No more stressing over what to do or scrambling at the last minute to pull together a memorable evening.
Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight baskets!
We are all giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each.

Here’s a peak at all 28 giveaway baskets:

28 Amazing Baskets to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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Here’s what mine looks like:

The Vow Giveaway Basket- $100 value from

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1. The Dating Divas 2. Bombshell Bling 3. Thirty Handmade Days 4. All Things Thrifty 5. Nobiggie 6. A Little Tipsy 7. The Crafting Chicks 8. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke 9. Skip To My Lou 10. Snap 11. Fun Cheap Or Free 12. Positively Spendid 13. My Sister’s Suitcase 14. The 36th Avenue 15. Smitten By 16. The Idea Room 17. 4 Men 1 Lady 18. Girl Loves Glam 19. The Diva Dish 20. Entirely Eventful Day 21. Tatertots & Jello 22. Just A Girl 23. Dollar Store Crafts 24. The SITS Girls 25. Lolly Jane 26. Design Dazzle 27. My Insanity 28. Not Just A Housewife


I’m beyond excited to share a fun Valentine’s date idea from the Dating Divas.  Because it involves my favorite guy.  Channing Tatum.  You thought I was going to say Josh didn’t you?  Ha! Had you fooled.
I’m not a new Channing fan.  My love goes back to his Step Up days.  I went with some of my good friends to see it on the big screen and the rest is history.  I still claim that movie as one of my favorites.  (go ahead and judge me)  Given the option to share an idea with you, it seemed like the clear choice had to be The Vows date.  Josh scored MAJOR brownie points by taking me to see it in the theater for an early Valentine’s date.  My other favorite movie is the Notebook.  I love Rachel McAdams too.  Having both of them in one movie was fabulous.  Needless to say, this one was quickly added to the list of favorites.  I’m not always that girly and predictable but when it comes to movies, I’ll take chick flicks any day of the week.  Ok let’s get going on with this date shall we?
The Dating Divas shared their idea for writing their own vows because they didn’t get to share vows at their wedding.  Josh and I didn’t either so I think this is a fantastic idea.
I created another version of the printable shared over there:

Write your own vows for Valentine's day on this printable! www.thirtyhandmadedays.comI can’t wait to have Josh put his thoughts down.  He looks and acts like a big, tough guy but really he’s a big teddy bear.  He’s got everyone (but me) fooled.  He’s really romantic and sensitive when he wants to be.  And that’s what got me hook line and sinker.  Sixteen years ago on Valentine’s Day  he spoiled the heck out of me and then told me he loved me.  You see a cute picture of him from our first Valentine’s day.  We like to celebrate special days in a big way- see how I spoiled him on our anniversary a few years ago: Anniversary on the Hour.

Printable vows perfect for Valentine's Day www.thirtyhandmadedays.comDownload a copy of your own printable vowsFor personal use only.  Thanks!
Ok….. onto the basket!  This basket contains everything you’d want to have your own “Vow” date at home.

The Vow Basket Giveaway- a fun basket full of things for an awesome Valentine's Day date!

  • $50 Visa gift card to use on dinner, a little something special to wear, or whatever you like!
  • “The Vow” DVD
  • Printable vows
  • Candies- Swedish Fish, Lindt Chocolates + more
  • Popcorn
  • Rubber Ducky, loofah, bath crystals and bath goodies
  • Adorable mint basket
    Are you dying over the Target mint green basket as much as I am?  I don’t really want to give it away.  Dang.

With everything in the basket you can: go to dinner (or order take out, have something delivered, you get the idea), cuddle up and watch The Vow with some treats and then take a nice warm bath.  It’s my ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day.

"The Vow" Basket Giveaway from

This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. It ends on January 24th. All 28 bloggers will individually email the winner of their V-Day Date Night basket as soon as the giveaway is over. Winners will need to respond within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen. Once I hear back, the winner of the basket will be in the widget above.

Hi- I'm Mique (as in Mickey). I started 30days as an idea file a few years ago. After three years and hundreds of ideas, I now realize that I'll never check them all off my list. When I'm not creating, I love spending time with family and friends and long drives, especially if they end at the beach.

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  1. says

    I have never honestly gotten a Valentines gift other than from my kids. My ex husband didn’t believe in it. My boyfriend and I have been dating since last February (19th), so this is his first Valentines day. We’ll see how it goes! I’d love to get flowers at work!

      • Lacey prindle says

        We plan on staying in this year also. My favorite “valentines gift” was finding out i was pregnant in 2012.

        • Kathleen says

          Sorry, there was no place to comment, only reply, so here is my comment. I LOVE when my husband brings me See’s candy but has the box custom packed with only my favorites!

    • Brenda Nguyen says

      It is not letting me leave a comment, only a reply! Sorry! =( Anyway, I am always torn on which is my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day! Every year I get together a little gift bag for my husband & kids & we have a special meal. Then my husband & I usually go out together a few days later. =)

      • says

        Last year, me and Jason celebrated the day before Valentine’s and the day after, since he had to work on the actual day! So we went to a super nice dinner in DC…then over the weekend went to a comedy show and saw Nick Offerman! It was so much fun and so creative! :) I got us a trip for a couple’s massage…but we didn’t use that until the following month when we both had a day off. :)

        • Kathryn Bonnett says

          My favorite Valentines day gift was my daughter! :) (she was actually a week early arriving on 2/6/2006, but still my fave!)

      • Sarah Ferguson says

        My husband is not too big on gifts but he shows me in little ways every day how much he loves me. I will often get emails at work just letting me know he is thinking about me. He will cook dinner and do the laundry without me asking him too. He also loves to rub my back…especially when he knows I have had a long day.

        Thank you so much for the giveaway!There are so many great things in it!

    • Anna Jolin says

      My favorite Valentines Day Gift is getting a phone call/skype call from my hubby when he’s deployed… which will be again this year

    • Brette says

      Couldn’t find a place to comment so I had to reply here.

      My fiancé is an over the road truck driver so we haven’t spent Valentines Day together in 2 years. Keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll make it home this year!

  2. Chris N says

    Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, my husband went to the store and got strawberries and chocolate and made it chocolate covered strawberries. He know how much I love strawberries, so it was a very “sweet” gift.

  3. Karen says

    I’d love to get those strawberry heart Oreos! They look SO yummy! As for me, the best Valentine’s Day gift was my daughter, although she actually came before the 14th!

  4. Korey Lindberg says

    My 3 heart diamond necklace that we picked out together years ago!!! :D Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. Pauline Gudas says

    My favorite Valentine gift was my dear husband cooked a romantic meal and cleaned up. He even had a tablecloth and candles on the table!!

  6. Becky says

    We don’t do valentines gifts but one of my favorite dates was enjoying a romantic dinner at Taco Bell! The wait was too long anywhere else and it made for a memorable first (married) valentine’s!

  7. Brooke T. says

    I’ve never celebrated valentines day as a romantic holiday (yet!) but my mom loves to put little things together for holidays, and her little themed baskets are always so nice and such a good pick me up. love from family is the best kind of love! :)

  8. Karen says

    The best valentine gift I ever received was a beautiful crystal heart votive holder from my grandmother – she loved Valentine’s Day and never missed an opportunity to share her immense love:) You have so many great ideas – the “Love Bug” is adorable – thanks Mique for always inspiring me to give more!

  9. Rachel says

    A pair of really cute socks. I know. A little corny, but I had a major crush on a guy in one of my college classes. We had been talking, but he hadn’t asked me out yet. On Vday he gave me a pair of cute socks because he had noticed that I always wore fun socks. Anyway, we went out on quite a few dates after that. But I will always remember how sweet it was because he noticed that little detail.

  10. Angelina says

    The best gift I ever got was marrying my husband 10 years ago this Valentine’s day. Our wedding had a very rich red feel, very romantic.

  11. michele says

    Last year my non-domestic husband made me and our 4 children a 7 course meal….completely from scratch. He literally spent ALL day in the kitchen trying to follow the recipes, but he did it and it was surprisingly DELICIOUS ;)

  12. Lisa Beech says

    My favorite gift was sushi and movie night with my darling. Sushi comes but twice a year. Valentine’s Day and Anniversary!

  13. Miranda says

    Our anniversary is just days a way from Valentine’s Day, so we do a double celebration on Valentine’s Day. The best gift is a night on the town with just my husband.

  14. Heather G. says

    A Valentine’s ‘scavenger’ hunt around the house to ‘find’ my gift! It was fun and took some time to plan. So much better than just giving me the gift (which I don’t even remember what it was, but I remember trying to find it!).

  15. Beth Clark says

    My husband is not really big on the holidays. One year I did get a romantic dinner.

    I love the card with the truck on it . My kids will love this one.

  16. Lindsay H says

    My favorite is food! My husband cooks me gourmet stuff every year! Your root beer float basket would be perfect with that!

  17. Jennifer Munoz says

    My fav gift was my husband! We got married on Valentine’s Day 2003! Red roses everywhere. <3

  18. Shannon P. says

    One year my husband was determined to take me out – our children were small and I needed the break! He wasn’t able to get home until late and the only place we could get in to was the Waffle House. Our V. Day date included an overwhelmed cook and waitress who fought most of the time! We still laugh about that one!

  19. Sonia says

    My husband is not a great gift giver and would rather forget about Valentines day. He brings me my favorite chocolate every year (sea salt dark chocolate caramels) and then eats most of them!

  20. LisaJQ says

    My husband almost always gets me flowers – it’s really the only time of the year I get them.

  21. Becky Prasek says

    I have such a stinkin bad memory (does that make me awful?!). I am so lucky and blessed to have a man who loves and puts up with and forgives me through EVERYTHING! I love your Vow notes! Would love to fill those out with my sweet husband.

  22. Lisa says

    Back in the day, when my husband I were dating, the very first year, he gave me 1 red rose!!!!! Since then and 30 years of marriage later, I remember the 1 red rose when I was like 15!!!!!!

  23. Krista says

    I’d love to get the homemade peanut butter cups! Peanut butter and chocolate… the best couple ever!

  24. Catherine S. says

    Our first valentines, when we were teens, my husband gave me a huge balloon filled with a stuffed animal/candy and a dozen roses. It was such a great surprise!

  25. Lillie c says

    My favorite valentines gift was from my fiancé our first year together. I thought I wasn’t going to receive anything because money was tight then. I had just finished a long shift at work in retail. And I came home to a huge bouquet of flowers, a simple necklace, and of course my favorite chocolate. He then decided to make is sandwiches since I’m the cook, and turned on one of my favorite movies.

  26. Michelle A says

    We dont really do valentines day. We might go to dinner or something but usually with the kids. Though last year when we got in the truck to leave there was a pink rose for each of us cause the girls are his valentine’s too :)

  27. C says

    love [to give & get] thoughtful, heartwarming gifts – not the usual roses/chocolates that are associated with valentine’s day

  28. Dianne says

    I prefer flowers you can plant over the purchased bouquets, so I can enjoy them year after year. My husband now brings me rose bushes or lilies, and that’s my favorite.

  29. Kathleen says

    We are making our own Valentine’s Day this year because I have to work on the 14th, but looking forward to celebrating on a different night with a home cooked meal featuring filet and scallops.

  30. Danielle says

    My favorite Valentine’s present was a night dinner and then we stayed at a hotel while my mom had our children. It was a nice relaxing night:)

  31. says

    My hubby always writes me a wonderful letter. I love looking back at them through the years. Of course, I love the notes and pictures my kids make me too!

  32. says

    this v’s day we are headed to a winery tour and tasting with another couple. it’s actually their xmas gift that we got them. I’m excited-bread and cheese plate, private tasting of 7 wines, a glass of sangria each. sounds like a good day to me!

  33. Kelly says

    Hubby usually always goes for the traditional flowers, which I have to admit, I do love. We don’t make a big deal out of V-day, but always try to have some romantic “us” time, even if it’s a simple bath after the kids go to bed!

  34. says

    as cheesy as it may sound, my then boyfriend (now Mr.), bought me You’ve Got Mail and Serendipity on DVD and then we watched them together. He’s a super macho man so chick flicks aren’t this thing. I thought it was very sweet.

  35. Amanda says

    Your basket is adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :) My favorite thing about Valentines Day is making Valentines with my kids!

  36. Wendi says

    My husband and I like to go dancing on Valentine’s Day! Not your typical clubs but something unique like a swing dance night.

  37. says

    Well, back in the dating days, my now-husband used to spoil me with flowers sent to work and always sent me a Stitch doll (from Lilo & Stitch). Stitch is my all time favorite Character and Wall-E is coming close behind Stitch. Stitch portrays what we all long for, love and family, that’s why I love him UBERLY much!!

  38. Aleisha says

    When my husband and I were dating he made a big dinner for me and set the table all up. It was so sweet:)

  39. Camille Lomax says

    My husband always takes the time to write me a lovely card for Valentine’s Day. I cherish them all. (21 and counting…he’s never missed one)

  40. Judi says

    I love Valentines Day. I have been married to the most amazing husband for 28 years and not only is he romantic on valentines but all year long.

  41. says

    Love Love Love these Valentine ideas. My hubby of 25 yrs this year (WOW~!) have never done too much for Valentines Day…but love these ideas ….may have to jazz things up a bit! =)

  42. Lindsey Woolard says

    Just found your website! Looking forward to browsing through it. The idea of a daily creative project is really neat. I don’t think we have Valentines plans yet! All these giveaways have my brain spinning.

  43. Christy says

    I don’t usually get much for Valentine’s Day, but my favorite one was actually one in which all of the kids were included. We had a “fancy” dinner at home by candlelight.

  44. Abby Shoen says

    The best gift I have ever received on Valentines day would have to be my engagement ring two years ago. It was totally unexpected since I was 3 hrs away at college and it was a Tuesday night!

  45. Cathy says

    My favorite gift for valentine’s day was my heart shaped flowered plant. It was more the thought that even though he didn’t have money he found some just to get me a gift.

  46. Keisha says

    I have never really had a Valentine’s day to remember so this year I’d like to create a special one to remember. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

  47. Jenny Hollenbaugh says

    I always want just a lazy day with my hubby. Just a time out from the world to be just the two of us.

  48. Loretta Patzner says

    Found your blog via the valentine’s blog-hop. I love doing special things for my husband. This year I plan to put little notes/cards/garlands around the house Feb 1-14 for him to find.

  49. Shanna Uptergrove says

    Never have plans for Valentine’s. My husband think it’s a lame holiday but at least he gives me flowers.. sometimes. I hope to get a little something or get out of the house at least.

  50. Lisa Cox says

    We don’t normally do much on V day, due to lack of time/money, and my mother in law lives with us. We know we need to change that, but aren’t sure what we can do.

  51. natalie says

    we will be going to dinner at a nice restaurant we have been wanting to try! husby will be working 6p-10a the week before, so it will definitely be a needed date!

  52. krunberry says

    Valentine’s Day? I honestly hadn’t even considered it yet. Maybe we will use our movie certificates and go out for dinner. Thanks for making me start thinking about it!

  53. says

    Such a sweet gift basket!

    My bf is very similar to your hubby… he’s got sleeve tattoos and looks kind of bada** but he’s the biggest mush in the history of ever. It’s what I love most about him :) My favorite Valentine’s Day was the year he surprised me in my apartment by cooking me a delicious vegetarian meal–he got bonus points for pulling out the chair and getting my favorite bottle of wine.

  54. crystal moyer says

    just the time being able to spend it with my husbands being an army wife there are lots of times we dont get that

  55. Catherine in MI says

    We’ve never done much for Valentine’s Day – – usually just small handmade gifts. I think my favorite is the first that my husband gave me, a handmade felt album with quotes & things he loved about me. This was before felt was big – – who knew I had such a trendsetter for a husband?! ;)

  56. Shannon Bryant says

    I got the most gorgeous ring last year from my wonderfully thoughtful boyfriend. He also did the whole cheesy rose petals leading to the bed with candles, champagne and he all of this was in a room he rented with a hot tub for us to enjoy afterwards. It was magical. :)

  57. Lauren says

    I’m really not too big on Valentine’s day. I’ve gotten flowers a few years and love it!

  58. says

    I think my most favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a Spa package and dinner out! What a perfect way to de-stress and then enjoy the lovely romantic night out on the town with my love! =)

  59. denise says

    My favorite gift was actually more of an experience. (: My husband and I had been married ALMOST a month and I came home on Valentine’s Day after a long day at work and was pretty much expecting to *maybe* go out to dinner and be done (we were pretty broke after our wedding). But instead I pulled up to tea light candles lining my driveway and leading up to the front door. At the front door, there were flowers waiting on our bench outside and then when I stepped in the house there were candles EVERYWHERE and my husband was waiting (dressed up in a suit) with our song on the stereo so we could dance together. (: Then he made me a very nice dinner and followed it with some wine and a bubble bath. Seriously the BEST Valentine’s ever. (:

  60. Christine B says

    On my first Valentine’s day with my now husband, we had only been dating for about a month so I was stumped when it came to a present. I finally decided on a cookie bouquet delivered to work and when I went to pay for it, i met a man who had recently lost his wife and was buying cookie bouquets for his kids. We chatted for awhile and then he ended up paying for mine. So sweet!

  61. Natalie Campbell says

    Most valentines my sweetheart gets me a new book. I love them and look forward to them every year!

  62. Shambray Matthews says

    This Valentines I hope to be able to relax and cuddle with my husband. Since our daughter was born this is a rare thing. It sounds really simple, but to me it sounds like heaven on earth!

  63. says

    One of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts from my husband was a heart shaped necklace with sapphires and diamonds. Our birthdays and anniversary are all in September, so sapphires are symbolic of our love.

  64. Daphne says

    my hubby and I don’t generally exchange gits for Valentine’s but I do love the cards he gets for me.

  65. Ashley Cary says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a necklace my husband gave me. He knew I had had my eye on it for a while and surprised me with it!

  66. Bethany says

    My now-husband orchestrated the delivery of flowers and jewelry to me on Valentine’s Day while he was studying in England when we were in college – definitely one of my favorites!

  67. says

    I love getting just a simple date night (even at home) with my man. Any time that we can spend together (just the two of us) is wonderful for me.

  68. Emily says

    I know it sounds silly, but one of my favorites was when my husband gave me a matching set of pens and pencils for our office so they would all match. I just loved that he knew me well enough to know that would make me happy :). I’m pretty sure he got me flowers too, but it’s the pens I remember :)

  69. Katy G says

    One year my husband learned how to give massages with out me knowing and surprised me with it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  70. Casey Britton says

    My husband and I usually don’t do much for V day except go out to dinner and spend time together. Honestly that time is the best gift that I could get. I don’t need a lot, just time well spent.

  71. says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift is chocolate. I LOVE chocolate and my husband is great about getting it for me and always giving really wonderful cards to go with them.

  72. Sherry says

    Every year, the men in our church small group cook the women dinner and pamper us. Last year, they even brought in a massage therapist and we got massages while they were cooking. It was a wonderful treat!!!

  73. Karin says

    We are going to see a play with 2 other couples this Valentines. My favorite gift ever was a heart shaped diamond necklace from my husband.

  74. Tiffani Powell says

    We just moved to a new town away from our families and haven’t found a good babysitter. With 2 babies under 2, I’m guessing Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year :)

  75. Amber Middleton says

    My favorite Valentine’s day was when my boyfriend (now husband) was in the military, and he surprised me by driving 10 hours to be with me for one day!

  76. Mindy says

    I find the simplist things romantic… my husband washed a load of laundry and I swear he became the most attractive, caring person in that moment :)

  77. Krista G says

    Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year! Roses, romance, sweethearts, & CHOCOLATE :) What’s not to love about this day! This year I’m hoping that we are on a road trip to celebrate Valentine’s & our 8th Anniversary (which is actually on the 18th). We love to travel together and try new things! Getting to eat a nice meal and spend the day with my husband is always my favorite gift, even though, I NEVER turn down pretty flowers or a sweet treat!

  78. mel says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was my calculator watch from my boyfriend. I would love to print and make the vow card!

  79. Brittany W. says

    I know it sounds cheesy, but my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the card my husband gets for me. He always writes the sweetest things in there,

  80. sarah says

    A homemade wooden box that my hubby made me for little keepsakes. it was very cute and thoughtful. and of course i love going out for a romantic dinner. it’s tradition to go to red lobster on valentines day and my birthday. other than that we never go so it really is a treat. ;)

  81. Sharon says

    A totally unexpected and sweet handmade card from my son when he was just three years old. He’s now 21 and I still have that sweet little card!

  82. Debbie says

    My husband is not big on surprising me for valentines day. :( but I always try and make it special.

  83. Whitney A says

    I actually have never received a Valentines gift out side of V-day cards and chocolates from my mom when I was little.

  84. Tabitha Myers says

    My favorite valentine’s gift was the gold heart necklace that my husband gave to me on our first Valentine date before we were married. I still wear it and cherish it.

  85. Laura W says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was when my husband bought me a new closet system from Lowe’s, he installed it for Valentine’s Day but not before painting my closet Victoria’s Secret PINK!

  86. Angela Newsome says

    We were on our Honeymoon on Valentines Day 1999
    By far the best Valentines Day ever :)

  87. Pamela Holland says

    Excited to try some of these ideas for my boys! But i would like a special date night with the hubby to celebrate 25 years since he proposed on Valentines!

  88. Teresa S. says

    My favorite Valentines Day gift was a ski trip to Keystone. My Birthday is the day before Valentines so I sometimes get extra lucky :o)

  89. Meagan says

    My favorite gift is time to spend with my husband. When he brings chocolate, that is even better.

  90. Caroline Grossman says

    My favorite gift on Valentine’s Day is being together and actually getting take out and staying in. Talking and cuddling.

  91. Cassandra says

    My husband and I have never exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts, so this would be fun for us.

  92. Stephanie Kenyon says

    My favorite gift is time… I just love it when we get to spend time together without other things interfering….

  93. Heather Deem says

    Surprised with cafe rio take out by my husband coming home when he was supposed to work late.

  94. says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was just after I’d gone through a painful divorce (thankfully happily married now!). My brother sent flowers to me so I wouldn’t feel left out. So sweet!

  95. Rebecca D says

    I love it my husband picks out perfume for me. When I wear it I know he likes it because he chose it.

  96. trenda t says

    My favorite Valentines Gift Ever is always my favorite flowers together, Sunflowers and Calla Lillies!

  97. Whitney says

    Wow! I love all the comments. I stumbled upon this blog because of the giveaway (I started with the Dating Divas :), but I will definitely be checking it more now. I love blogs with ideas of special things to do with/for your spouse.

    My husband has surprised me with flowers, every now and then, ever since we were dating. My favorite was a few years ago, for Valentine’s Day, I got a mini rose bush. It lasted a while (translation: I didn’t kill it off with neglect ;), and it grew and bloomed so much. It was so fun and exciting to have a gift that lasted more than a few days, and when the weather warmed up, I moved it outside and got new buds every day for almost the whole summer! I couldn’t believe that little bush could do so much. :) Unfortunately, it died shortly after we were married, in our apartment. I think bugs must have gotten into the dirt when I put it back in a pot to move it. :( I was really hoping it would last until we bought a house (which we did, a year later) and I could plant it in our yard. That would have been so neat to have!

  98. Rose D. says

    One year my husband sent me a Vermont Teddy Bear at work. He NEVER sends me things, so it was really, really special.

  99. Sam says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a necklace with our initials in it. It was a locket necklace. This was my high school boyfriend from when I was 16, but it was special!

  100. Gillian Lewis says

    My husband always writes me a lovely card and gets me flowers. When we were first dating, he worked for a corporate gift giving company, so he made me a beautiful basket. Only problem, some of the beautifully wrapped chocolates sat a bit too close to some expensive soap and picked up the flavor, lol!

  101. Stephanie says

    Not to be a Debbie downer, but I rarely get presents at all. Usually money is an issue. I love the baskets though! I love you’re blog because it helps me be creative when my brain is on “well done” mode, and I love your budget idea. I’m honestly trying to help be more financial savvy this year. Thanks for the great ideas. Keep up the good work!

  102. says

    My favorite valentines gift was a spa day from my husband. I had the best massage of my life! My husband isn’t the real romantic kind but always gifts the best gifts. He hates massages but knows I love them. I had the best pampering day!

  103. Betty Baez says

    Best gift was breakfast in bed a massage and a hold day of relaxation! I’m going to print out some photo booth props and do a “shoot” with the kids for valentine’s day.

  104. DinT says

    This year, we are spending Valentine’s Day with a group of high school students and we are planning on making the day special for them.

  105. Julee Irish says

    My hubby has sent me a few great flower bouquets in the past – but he doesn’t always do it, so it’s not something that I expect. I love when he does though :)

  106. Karen says

    My plans for Valentine’s Day this year are the same as they’ve always been since meeting my husband: a picnic inside. Simple and fun. :)

  107. Angela says

    My boyfriend and I don’t trade Valentine’s gifts because our anniversary is right before it, but our first Valentine’s Day, he got me a bear from Build-a-Bear, dressed like a rock star and I take him with me on all of my trips, so he has been all over the world.

  108. says

    We don’t have plans yet for V-day, but it’s my husband and I’s 7 year dating anniversary, AND I’m due with baby #3 in March… so I’m thinking we should do it big :)

  109. Joey says

    Last year my boyfriend got me a bottle of Kinky Liquor, which was sweet because it shows that he listens, because I think buying flowers at Valentine’s is a waste of money, so he got me something useful!

  110. Stefanie says

    I love love! So Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. I mostly just love spending extra time with my husband, doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all.

  111. CAmille says

    shhh. don’t tell but the one I remember the most is a teddy bear from my very first boyfriend. Every Valentines Day we enjoy a night out at the arcade with husband and daughter – we love to play games and it’s pretty empty then.

  112. Tara says

    We don’t do gifts (but really should after seeing some of the clever things). The first year we were married I was student teaching. He got me a flower and made breakfast. Simple yet memorable.

  113. Michelle Horvath says

    Hoping to have a romantic dinner out or a romantic weekend away! Your basket looks fun!

  114. Licia Thompson says

    My husband is fabulous at all holidays so it’s exciting to see what he comes up with each year.

  115. Lauren Williams says

    My favorite valentines date was making dinner with my now fiancé and watching a movie together in a fort we built in the living room.

  116. Angie Conner says

    I love the cards that my husband picks out for me each Valentine’s Day. He takes pride in each one he picks.

  117. Sean C says

    The best vday gift I’ve ever received was having a day off from the family and spent it in the spa :) It sounds selfish but was very much needed.

  118. Alina says

    Getting freshly picked flowers and having them delivered with a card that said …Let’s go out to dinner tonight and leave the kids with a sitter from the hubby.

  119. Jill says

    Many years ago my husband gave me a simple pair of Garnet -heart shaped lever back earrings. I wear them and love them to this day because he picked them out all on his own.

  120. Darcy Hoskins says

    2 years ago, my baby was 2 days old, and my husband gave me a Pandora bracelet and some cute charms to celebrate being a mom. It’s one of my all-time favorite gifts!

  121. ryann says

    Every year I have been with my boyfriend I have made a huge nice dinner at home, usually a surf and turf. Its usually the same every year for the most part but just seeing him happy with a full belly is all I go for.

  122. Shelbi November says

    I have always been an awful gift giver so my goal for this year is to find something that my husband will love. It’s going to be tough but I’m determined :)

  123. Vanessa Fisher says

    I love the Valentine’s cards that my son has made me over the years. I keep all of them and they mean the most to me!

  124. Sara says

    I love giving gifts. I gave my boys personalized cookies from a local cookie maker and a trip to I Fly, :) I also have fun making special meals.

  125. Jessica says

    one year I received more chocolate than I knew what to do with! it was awesome!
    this year we plan on using gift cards to Olive Garden and movie certificates received over the holidays to go on a nice date! it works out nicely that it will be free for us because we’re trying to save save save for the wedding in October! :D

  126. Mindy Baumann says

    I got a Tiffany bracelet last year for V-Day. But I love getting flowers… My husband rarely gets them for me.

  127. JR says

    I just love valentines day! the best gift is when my husband surprised me with an expensive necklace and a wonderful dinner.

  128. Lindsay M says

    Cheesecake Factory is a tradition for us. We dress up and go out to dinner and have a great time!

  129. Sherry Fleck says

    I love doing fun things for Valentine’s Day. I usually pick one of my kids or my hubby and ask for a favorite meal. I love making cards. Last year I used the Dating Divas idea and have it all printed out for this year! I am always looking for ideas to do special stuff!

  130. Miranda says

    my hubs used to get me baskets full of stuff and flowers and tons of v-day presents when we were dating. But the best valentine’s gift I’ve ever gotten was just a handmade valentine my mom helped my daughter and son make.

  131. Mandy says

    Every year for valentines day my husband and I share a heart shaped pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy’s and a bottle of wine, then we watch a movie in our PJ’s. This is what we do instead of exchanging gifts, we just make time for each other and our relationship.

  132. says

    When my husband and I were first dating in college, he spent all his money to buy me flowers. We were so broke, we dressed up and ate in the school cafeteria for valentine’s day.

  133. says

    We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day so I’m hoping to do something special this year. My husband always brings me flowers so it’s nice that he still thinks of me even though we don’t go all out!

  134. Jalynne says

    One of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts was our first one together, we’d only been dating a few months and he took the time to make this HUGE Rice Krispy treat made in the shape of a heart, and then decorated it. I also got a huge stuffed animal and a beautiful necklace. We’d not been dating long but he already knew I wasn’t the chocolate type girl and worked hard to make it special! Nowadays with 5 kids we don’t do gifts so much, just wonderful date nights out.

  135. Stephanie says

    The best Valentine’s Day was when my husband planned a quiet and delicious dinner and dessert with all the fufu decorations for us to share.

  136. Jennifer says

    My favorite was our first Valentine’s Day married (we got married on 2/10). We were on our honeymoon and my husband ordered champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and had our room covered in rose petals. <3

  137. gail says

    not having to do the dishes (or cook) Is all I really want. not having to clean up after everyone would be nice too. hey, just thought of something else…having someone else do the taxes!

  138. Nile says

    We closed on our first house together on Valentine’s day and celebrated by eating pizza on the floor along with some champagne. It was perfect!

  139. Morgan Western says

    My Husband and I order a heart pizza. we make a little picnic inside and hang pretty lights. Its one of my favorite holidays now.

  140. Andrea says

    We have five teenaged athletes in our house, so valentines day is most often spent on a bleacher! I usually make a special breakfast with little handmade valentines and a special treat to start the day though.

  141. sheridan says

    This Valentine’s Day, we’re keeping it simple: probably homemade dinner and a movie night in:)

  142. Stephanie Thomas says

    I love flowers. There is something about him getting flowers that reminds me throughout the day that he loves me, he had to think about something he never thinks of, and that he did something only because he knows I appreciate it. That just makes my day and the days after when I’m scrubbing mud off the floor for the umpteenth time and I catch a glance of those pretty flowers out of the corner of my eye.

  143. brook nichols says

    Your basket looks awesome! Not only is the basket super cute but so is everything in it…and I’ve never watched The Vow. So see I need to win =)

  144. Michelle says

    I would love and appreciate anything that my husband puts thought and effort behind! A nice night just the 2 of us doing anything would be lovely…

  145. Nicole Gagnon says

    My fav Valentines gift has to be a handmade necklace my (then) boyfriend (now hubby) picked up a few years back for me a local craft spot! I still wear it religiously!

  146. Stephanie says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was my black boots my husband gave me 9 years ago. They have since fell apart and I don’t have them anymore, but he bought me shoes ;)

  147. Michelle R. says

    I recall getting a balloon with my gift but within minutes of finding it, my dog decided it was his play toy. My husband was so upset that I let the dog play with it.

  148. monica p younes says

    We will go out the weekend following Valentines Day since it gets really crowded, maybe a movie and dinner.

  149. Marissa says

    My favorite thing to receive on Valentine’s is actually handmade notes! They’re filled with sincere emotions, and are way better than a piece of jewelry. And it’s not every day I can get my boyfriend to write out how he feels!

  150. Amy S says

    My plans for this V-Day are to spend the evening with my sweetie after work for dinner and just us time at home!

  151. Kim Hilkemeier says

    Last year mu husband bought me the camera I was dying for! I was so happy! I love taking pictures of my family and when we travel! Love, Love, Love Valentines day! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  152. Christi says

    I am hoping this year for Valentine’s day that I can make a nice romantic dinner for just the 2 of us. If not- then we will go to one of our fav restaurants!

  153. Kristen says

    This years Valentine’s Day will most likely consist of hanging out once the kids are asleep and probably a special dessert/meal that we don’t have to share with the little ones. :)

  154. says

    We have no plan for Valentine’s, which is why i need a fun basket. ;) We are always slackers when it comes to Valentine’s so I need to get on the ball and surprise him.

  155. Ericka Mooney says

    I would love to win this. I have never seen the movie and everything else looks great oo.

  156. Ariela says

    I have a non-planning boyfriend so there are no plans yet. I will wait patiently but a fun basket would help the evening!!

  157. says

    I just found your blog and I cannot wait to come back to it and look through more of your projects. My husband last year bought me 3 Hydrangea plants that I could plant in the front year. I love those flowers and he wanted me to keep them. It was the sweetest gift

  158. Whitney says

    My favorite valentines day gift was my husband. Last year he came home from a 7 month deployment the first week of February, just in time to celebrate Valentines Day!

  159. Jessica Havican says

    I think my favorite valentine’s gift was a spa package my husband gave me. He let me go and pamper myself for a whole day (not on valentine’s day of course, spent that with him!)

  160. Christy K. says

    Just getting to spend time together with my husband and daughter is a good enough Valentine’s gift for me. We really don’t have much time together any more so I am hoping we may at least get to go out to dinner that day just the three of us :) Thanks for all the great posts you have. My daughter and I have found a lot of great ideas of things to make together!

  161. Melody Clements says

    This is our first year of living together as a couple & we are so tight financially that I’d love to do something special for my fiance without having to pay an arm & a leg! We have a two year old so taking special time out for our relationship is extra special and important to us.

  162. Kristen says

    Night out with the hubs. Handmade cards from the kids. Both are super special!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  163. Devin says

    hmm…A small White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Not the healthiest gift, but I was totally surprised when I opened the fridge!! :)

  164. Priscilla R. says

    When my husband and I were dating, he brought me a dozen lemon donuts (my favorites) with roses for Valentine’s day early in the morning. It was the sweetest thing since we had only known each other for a few months!!

  165. April Clark says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was finding out that I was pregnant with our third (and last) child! :)

  166. Ashley W. says

    I think one of the best Valentine’s Days that I’ve had was when I was dating my hubby. He got a key to my house from my mom and while I was at school he decorated my whole room with roses and rose petals. It was very sweet.

  167. Alissa Udy says

    My husband usually works on Valentine’s Day, so we usually celebrate with a date night on a different day. But one thing I love to do is make treats and me and my boys take them to the neighbors (ring and run style). Then we come home and have a candlelight pizza dinner and play games or watch a movie.

  168. Kayla says

    This year my husband and I are going out to a theme dinner (rustic- our favorite) and then making chocolate dipped strawberries at home. The next morning I’ll make him breakfast and then we’re going ice skating :) I also made him an advent calendar and am placing a cute note or treat in for each day between Jan 30 (our dating ann) and Valentine’s Day :)

  169. Stacey Lehwald says

    My fav Valentine’s Day my husband took me to dinner, and when we got home our entire living room was full of balloons filled with messages:). I got a chick flick and popped balloons, it was so thoughtful!

  170. says

    Back in the dating days, I would love receiving flowers, but now since we have been married, we don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day.

  171. Amanda says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift would have to be this tiny little plastic snow globe he gave to me for out first Valentine’s Day together in 1996. To this day it sit son our shelf and every time I look at it I think about how much the little things he does means to me.

  172. Annette Switzer says

    This is one of my favorite baskets so far! I love it! One of my best Valentine’s Dates with my husband were when we had recently had a baby and didn’t want to go in public to celebrate. I put a fire in the fire place, hubby went and picked up our favorite pizza and we had pizza and Pepsi in wine glasses on a blanket in front of the fire while watiching Mystic Pizza since it was raining outside!! All of my favorite things wrapped up into one night with the love of my life! I love getting jewelry for Valentine day but I am very content just spending time with my husband.

  173. Jessica Green says

    My husband and I switch every other year on who plans our valentines date. This year is my year, and even though im not sure what we will be doing im way exciting to plan it and hopefully find a babysitter for our new addition! last year my husband took us to Anniversary Inn were we spent our wedding night and went out to dinner and it was so much fun!!

  174. Shannon Leeflang says

    3 weeks after my then boyfriend (now husband) returned from his mission. Romantic dinner by candlelight.

  175. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was our house. We had it built and really wanted to be in by Valentine’s Day – we were! That was nearly two years ago now and I still can’t believe it’s my house!

  176. Vaishali says

    I loved some coupons my husband gave me last year. He printed them and they were like…breakfast in bed, massage etc..

  177. NaDell says

    When we were engaged, I was nine hours away from him at school and we each sent each other a package for Valentine’s Day (he came to visit me a few weeks later for his birthday) and it was full of fun things like a fabric rose and candy and all sorts of fun things.

  178. Elizabeth P. says

    My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day – he carefully refilled an m&m’s bag with a ring and all red m&m’s.

  179. Jamesa says

    I loved the box of chocolates I received from my two boys after my youngest was born. He was about 8 months old and it meant so much to have both of my sons give them to me.

  180. Maria says

    This Valentine’s Day I would like a nice romantic dinner :) at home since I will be having a new born in the next few weeks. Some flowers would be great too. lol

  181. S.K. McDonald says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was my husband! We had our first group date the day before Valentine’s and we decided we would go out again on Valentine’s Day but I was told not to expect anything at all! He knocks on the door and to this day I still remember looking through the peep hole of my door and seeing him standing there with flowers and when I opened the door he hands me a card too so I was thrilled I had a cute date, flowers, and a card what more could I want and the best part he has been the best Valentine I ever got so I kept him!! :o)

  182. Marissa ruhnke says

    This is going to sound silly but I think my favorite gift would be my gift from last year. My boyfriend HATES getting me flowers so he bought me flower seeds. On the package it says “flowers guaranteed to grow’ he crossed of flowers and wrote love. Cheesy but at same time cute.

  183. Karen Thompson says

    I love that target basket too! Too bad my target doesn’t have them! :(
    my favorite Valentine’s was my fiance taking me to dinner at On The Border then giving me a gift of a massage bar from Lush Cosmetics… then giving me a backrub and footrub on the couch during my favorite movie!

  184. Tana says

    V Day is the one holiday my husband is the worst at. But our first when we were dating 6 yrs ago was the best. I woke up to flowers and teddy bear on my windshield. so sweet for him to drive over to my place before he went to work early.

  185. Andrea says

    When I was in grade school, my boyfriend gave me a Walkman with a mix tape that he made for me. Best gift ever! Ha.

  186. Kim says

    My favorite thing to give away for Valentine’s Day is homemade treats! Last year I did sugar cookies with pink royal icing and tiny heart sprinkles.

  187. says

    I love getting flowers from my husband on Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t buy flowers too often, so it’s always a treat to get them!

  188. gh burke says

    to be honest, we don’t celebrate V-day much since our anniversary is so closed to the V-day, I know it’s sad but we actually enjoy to be creative during our anniversary anyway :-) Love the idea of the “Anniversary Gifts: On the Hour” .. may have to copy that this year. Thanks for sharing!

  189. Peggy says

    For the last couple of years I’ve done a “count down” to Valentines Day with a little somethng special each day for my husband. I’m blessed… every day with him is like Valentine’s Day even after 33 years.

  190. Alison K says

    My favorite Valentine gift was from my two girls. A huge sign they made saying how much they love me and their daddy.
    I loved your friendship loom Valentine card idea.. So fun!!

  191. Shawn says

    This Valentine’s will be combined with my Feb. wedding anniversary….30 years….so we will be celebrating big! Not sure yet what we are doing. =)

  192. Kate Emmert says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was when my father surprised me with flowers and huge bear. I was in high school and single so I honestly didn’t expect to get anything that day. Even after ten years, that memory is still a favorite of mine :)

  193. Casie K says

    Back in grade school my class had a Valentine’s day party and, in addition to exchanging cards and candy, my teacher had all of us take a blank piece of paper and write our names at the top. Then we passed our papers around the room until it got back to us and everyone had to write an anonymous, nice message on each person’s paper with something they liked about them. It’s really silly and probably doesn’t count as a gift, but I still have it and it’s one of the nicest things I own.

  194. Sharon says

    I would love to share this giveaway with my Valentine of almost 29 years! This giveaway looks AWESOME!! Thanks.

  195. Kelley Hartnett says

    I’m going to try to make my family feel special the 13 days leading up to Valentine’s, then shower them with extra love on the 14th.

  196. Sharon says

    My favorite gift was from my husband for our first Valentine’s day when we were dating. He gave me a framed print from his favorite local artist that depicted the ‘key to your heart’. I still love it!

  197. Mickey Louth says

    When I was 6ish, a janitor at a nearby nursing home brought me a heart shaped box of chocolates and did this for several years. My little girl heart was in love and I vowed to marry that guy! Well, that never happened, but I’ve never felt as special since then…he really swept me off my feet!

  198. Keri Haruza says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift ever was from my husband, the month after we were married. We were long-distance the first six months, and when he would visit I would cry like a baby and be perfectly ridiculous about letting him go… I was a teacher and had decided not to quit my job mid-year, but after the wedding I wished I had!! So I could move up to where he was in school right away. Anyhow, he gave me a teddy bear, a really cuddly one, to hold when he left so it would be easier. I t still comes in handy when he’s away at a conference! :)

  199. lesley says

    i would love to have “the vow” as i haven’t taken time to watch it yet – but i am sure it would be a frequent choice.

  200. says

    A trip to downtown Toronto for a weekend spent with my boyfriend. Quite simple and not far away but it was lovely spending some quality time with him. :)

  201. Brooke Baker says

    My first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend (now fiance) he got me a framed, limited edition Tim Tebow picture collage. It is amazing and is on the wall of our apartment now.

  202. Ashley Calaway says

    Unfortunately, Valentines Day doesn’t get much notice around these parts :) For the first couple years we were married my husband went snowmobiling with his dad and brothers (it’s a long standing tradition for them to go over President’s Day weekend, which usually ends up coinciding with Valentine’s Day!) And then the last few years we have been in Grad school, so it seemed like there was always studying or something that would get in the way. But my husband is so good about getting me roses for the occasion, which I love! So that makes up for all the missed Valentine’s Day dinners and whatnot ;-)

  203. Tammie D says

    My girls (16 & 10) love to decorate for every holiday, so I always make them and my husband Valentines Day baskets just like Easter Baskets. It is the best gift ever to see their faces and to know they really do know how much I love them!!

  204. Jackie says

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years and we always make each other homemade gifts. Last year he made me a stuffed character from my favorite cartoon!

  205. Raina says

    Most of all I love being alone with my husband on Valentine’s Day, with nothing at all to focus on but each other!

  206. Cami says

    All of our family’s birthdays are all right around Valentine’s Day so it often is just forgotten about. My husband and I could use some help to make it special! Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Katie S says

    I’m most looking forward to a much needed date night with my husband. We have a almost 10 month old son and i can count on one hand the number of times we’ve both been away from him together (other than work).

  208. Alli Smith says

    Oh my Goodness!!! I am so excited to make the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Parfaits! They truly look amazing!

  209. Cynthia says

    I am a cheese ball when it comes to holidays but what i always like most is being with my man. I also love it when I can tell he thought about it.

  210. Ashly Hentges says

    I love the written vows that are in the basket. That is such a cute idea.

    My husband and I like to keep valentines homemade since his birthday is just 5 days after. Every year though I get roses and lillies and we plan a romantic night in. It is the best!

  211. Candy says

    The Best present was a helicopter ride! the company was not the best but I definitely enjoyed the Gift♥

  212. Skyann S says

    Last year he gave me a huge teddy bear, a ton of roses. I had filled up give vases with them plus he got me some in a vase already so that was six vases filled with beautiful roses !! And candy that i love :) Im not sure what he has planned this year but i know ill love it ! <3

  213. Nikki A. says

    My favorite Valentines was 3 years ago when I got engaged to the love of my life! Don’t know how that’s ever going to be topped!

  214. rayray cartucci says

    The best Valentines day gift ever was about 11 years ago when my husband brought a little mutt he found home as a gift for me for Valentines day. I still have that little doggie and love him even more!

  215. Alejandra says

    My favorite valentine’s present: my husband showed up at work with flowers and balloons, and took me out for lunch! Loved it. I like surprising him on this day too.

  216. Kellye A says

    Our V-Day will be pretty laid back. We’re trying to save money, plus we don’t like the crazy restaurant crowds that day. It’ll be a nice evening of dinner at home & maybe a movie on the couch. But it’ll be awesome!

  217. Michel'le says

    My favorite Valentine was the day my husband came to my job and surprised me with a huge I love you heart shaped balloon 2 bouquets of flowers and my favorite chocolates.

  218. Katie b says

    I love handmade and thoughtful gifts – like a picture book my husband made with some of our favorite memories!

  219. Linda Martin says

    I have made heart shaped meatloaf and pink scalloped potatoes nearly every year since we got married 39 years ago. The few years I was unable to do it we all missed it.

  220. Camie says

    When we were dating, my husband painted me a picture of van goh’s the sunflowers. Still my favorite thing ever.

  221. says

    My favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day is with my hubby and 3 kids. We go out to dinner, come home and put the kids to bed and then snuggle up and watch a movie together!

  222. Tenina says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was from my now husband, on our first ever V-Day together. He bought me the very cliche dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. It’s my favorite, not because of the items he gave me, but because of how absolutely sweet he was when he handed them to me. He looked so nervous, which is very unusual for Mr. Tough Guy Hubby of mine, and as he handed me the roses he said “I hope these are okay, I’m not very good at this.” I think I fell about ten times more in love with him that day!

  223. SJ says

    We don’t give gifts for Valentine’s Day due to financial problems, but I am still treated special by the hubster!

  224. says

    OH I am in love with that basket!!!
    Last year I put together an Alice in Wonderland V-day for the whole family. I bought hubs the Johnny Depp version (his fave), and then I made little cookies that said Eat Me, we had fondue, and played cricket with the kids using random toys for the sticks and balls.

  225. says

    One year my hubs got my scissors. Yes, scissors. It sounds bad, but actually it was super thoughtful! I had been complaining about the scissors we had, so he thought he’d get me nice ones. I’ve had better gifts, but he gets an A for effort on that one!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  226. Michelle V says

    Valentine’s day is the day before my birthday, so it is important to note that they are separate celebrations. Luckily my boyfriend has this figured out. :-) hehe

  227. says

    Ever since we had kids me and my husband stopped doing stuff for each other and just get a heart shaped pizza and share it with the family. I would love to actually surprise him with a real gift this year

  228. melissa says

    my husband and i will be spending this valentine’s day on vacation in costa rica! i’m sure it will be our best valentine’s day yet.

  229. Danielle J says

    The best Valentine’s Day gift was a surprise candlelight dinner my husband made including my favorite food: Salmon-even though he doesn’t like fish!

  230. Lisa N says

    One year I surprised my husband with an ipod touch. It was my favorite because he was so surprised and he is so impossible to surprise. That was probably our best Valentine’s so far. :)

  231. Brandy E. says

    These days all of my gifts pretty much come from my 14 year old son. Since he goes to the mall himself and spends his own money, I treasure them all. :) He’s actually a very good gift-giver.

  232. Kathie Perez says

    When my husband and I were dating, we visited a local antique mall. For some odd reason, one of the booths had some stuffed animals. To this day, the kid in me still loves stuffed animals though I don’t collect them anymore. Anyway, I saw two cute Valentine beanie babies and a set of stuffed bears that were hugging each other. Like a geek, I squealed over how cute they were. My husband remembered and I received all of them for Valentine’s Day.

  233. Cheyanne says

    My boyfriend got me a fake hallmark flower that ‘blooms’ and says I love you. At first I was p*ssed. Cause what girl doesn’t love flowers? Then I realized he was right. I don’t need flowers every month to know he loves me. + We are in college. I’m glad he spent $14.00 one year. and Not $40.00 every month. (:

  234. Tania S. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was when were married for a few years and my husband cooked us dinner and then took me out for dessert. Also the homemade cards that my children would make for me when they were younger.

  235. Jennifer says

    Every year our local grocery store make heart shaped chocolate chip cookies with icing that I am in love with. Every year I tell my husband that’s all I want for Valentine’s Day! I like to keep it simple.

  236. Shelby H. says

    I’m letting my hubby do the V-day planning this year :) Excited to see what he has in store!

  237. Chinita says

    My favorite memories are still the ones from grade school when each student brought a card for everyone in class and put it in their a Valentine box.

  238. Hester says

    My husband surprised me with tickets to see Josh Groban for our first Valentine’s Day together. It was a wonderful evening!

  239. Melody says

    When I was in college I was single and hated it. A friend of mine used to surprise me with a rose or some chocolate and tell me Happy Single’s Awareness Day. That was always my favorite.

  240. Dusty says

    I love making valentines with my kiddos. I love the special valentines that my kiddos make for me with their little hand-prints and special drawings.

  241. Shawna says

    Chocolate covered strawberries that my husband and I made for Valentines Day last year :) Great present and it was fun to do!!

  242. Makayla W says

    Would love to win this!! I love everything my hubby does, the smallest and simple tends to be really sweet. Also love it when he takes care of the kids on V-day.

  243. Jenny S says

    One year my husband bought me my favorite candy, JuJu hearts, something we couldn’t find in our new area, so he had his mom buy some back home and shipped them to me! It was so thoughtful.

  244. Andrea says

    When my husband and I were dating he gave me a dozen red roses and a diamond necklace. That was the last time I have got a Valentines gift from him!!

  245. Wendy T. says

    My husband and I have been married just over three years. My favorite Valentine’s Day was our first. He made dinner and brought me flowers. It was super sweet! :-)

  246. Kristi Russell says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift is having a fondue night with my husband and 6 kids each year!

  247. Laila says

    My husband and I have never exchanged gifts on Valentine’s Day. As children, my mom would always buy us a special heart shaped treat (yummy!) and a new set of jammies. I have carried on that tradition with my own children, except that I also give them a new Valentine story book each year.

  248. Fawn B. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was the dozen long-stemmed red roses my husband bought me when we had an infant. I was crazy sleep-deprived and flowers were a luxury I didn’t think we could afford so getting them meant so much to me :)

  249. Bonnie J. Hall says

    The best valentine’s day gift I received was being able to spend some one-on-one time with my husband last year. It was our first one as a married couple and it was one of the sweetest days.

  250. Natasha J says

    this year my husband works and i work weekends so i really just hope to have at least a few mins of us time lol

  251. Jessica says

    I love having Valentine’s day be a special day that you can go all out on showing your love for your special man in your life :)

  252. Stephanie says

    Anything handmade is a favorite of mine. My husband makes silverware jewelry and that is my absolute favorite :)

  253. Jesse Rose says

    I haven’t received any great valentines, but there was one I did that i loved! I made valentines day cookies for my man & brought them to him for work. Then I wrapped up a bunch of his favorite items with quirky puns; Pistachios – I’m nuts for you, etc. =) We both enjoyed it!

  254. Tashina says

    I LOVE to get flowers from my hubs. He has always been anti flowers, so I know he truly lives me when he gives them.

  255. Lauren Henry says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift has been a bag full of my favorite candy and candles, beautiful roses, and a homemade italian dinner with my favorite wine. Simple but perfect. Personally, I love the cheesy things on Valentine’s Day. For me, the small and simple things mean the most!

  256. Toni says

    This will be my first Valentines with my boyfriend… I am so curious to see what happens! I am planning on having a gift box with goodies delivered to his office. He sent me flowers for my birthday, and I have them sitting on my desk right now! :)

  257. Keri P says

    My favorite gift from my hubby was a wooden box of cards where he typed out and taped in “wishes” or “treats” for me to redeem (kinda like coupons). He knows that it’s hard for me to ask for things (and being that he gave this to me a few years ago and they are still unused, lol, I’d say he’s right). It was such a thoughtful gift and they sit on my nightstand for whenever I get brave enough to cash in an ice cream run or a back massage. :)

  258. Diana Cote says

    Plant with flowers, chocolate a new pink gaming controller for my ps3 and a cooked meal. that was the best present ever! :)

  259. jeni says

    I am looking forward to spending an evening with my husband and our 8 year old daughter. I try to include her in valentines day because she is also very special.

  260. Andrea says

    Simple – at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted us time. No technology, no phones, kids safely settled with grandparents or babysitter elsewhere.

  261. Asheley says

    This year I’ll b with my son on vday so my boyfriend and I are waiting til he’s home in march to celebrate in our new apartment. I love these basket ideas especially BC I can save it until he’s home and I won’t have to prepare. Thanks

  262. Heather Ratliff says

    DH and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. I do try to make it a little fun for my daughters, though.

  263. AmazonsRock says

    My favorite valentine’s day seems to be the years I get to do surprises for my children. Last year was probably my favorite because we made red & pink pancakes and strawberry milk for breakfast, heart-shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & cuties for lunch, and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner.

    We watched a few movies together, played “HEART” (Valentine’s themed BINGO), and just had so much fun laughing and hanging out together.

    This year I’d like to do a little more for my husband, and one of these gift baskets will go a long way in making that happen.

  264. Bri Morgan says

    My favorite thing is just alone time with him. He is gone a good chunk of the year so time with him is my favorite :) I also love me some white chocolate covered strawberries

  265. Leslie says

    My husband bought me a frame when I was pregnant from Kate Spade that says, “And, baby makes 3.” I only told him once that I loved the frame, but I could hardly believe he went online and ordered it! First time for everything!

  266. Melanie Mangelson says

    I will be on a trip without my kids and husband on Valentines Day, but we will have a fun Valentines breakfast before I leave.

  267. Becky says

    My favorite v-day gift was a tender heart care-bear I got in College :-) so soft and cuddly and somehow still memorable to this day!

  268. Sarah says

    my favorite valentines was the weekend my husband proposed to me 4 years ago this Feb 13th actually but we always celebrate it the 13th or 14th as a valentines date now. I love this valentines basket! We love movies nights!

  269. says

    I love the reclaimed wood valentine sign!
    I love going to a chick flick with my husband each Valentine’s Day. If there is not a good one playing this year, we will stay in and enjoy one maybe:)

  270. Sophia says

    My favorite valentines day gift was given to me last year by my husband and my son, James. It was an apron with James’ handprints on it in hot pink and my husband wrote in red paint “worlds greatest mom” I cried. :) it was totally sloppy and a beautiful mess, and it’s STILL my all time favorite gift ever. The thoughtfulness is what got me! :))

  271. Lauren says

    For our first Valentine’s day, my husband made a custom candy holder and wrote a story on it. SO adorable – I was totally sold on him at that point :)

  272. Amber says

    The best Valentines day gift I have ever recieved was a giant stuffed animal with a promise ring around its neck.

  273. Julie Robertson says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was our one and only date on a Valentine’s Day. Out first year of marriage my husband had the flu and forgot it was Valentine’s day. The next year we had a wonderful date. They next year I was too sick and pregnant to go out and the next year we were new parents. We have not had a V-day date since. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  274. Holly says

    My birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and my mom always made sure it was a special day for me. One year she made heart-shaped pizzas and went all out on the decorations. Definitely something I won’t forget!

  275. says

    My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is that I love love!! In a relationship or not, it has always been my favorite day and I love to spread the love to friends and family. My fiance blew my socks off with our first Valentine’s Day a few years back :)

  276. Suzanne says

    I’m pretty low maintenance. All I ask for is a night alone with my hubby after the kids are in bed. Snuggle and watch a movie, exchange massages, and a nice dinner (at home is great).

  277. Diane says

    Wow you have the most comments of anyone so far. Thank you for the offers and lucky is one person. Happy Valentine’s to you in advance.

  278. RaNette says

    In college, my boyfriend (now husband) decorated my room with chocolate. Then put a big stuffed puppy on my bed covered in jewelery. Not big into any of those things, but all together was really cute.

  279. Cathrynn says

    I got the most beautiful roses for Valentines Day last year. I also got ski mittens one year (my husband doesn’t ski but supports me in my hobby) which I wanted.

  280. Becki says

    My fav thing to do on Valentines day is to stay in, order dinner and watch a movie in front of the fireplace ❤️

  281. Pauline Burns says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was when my husband left work early to beat me home from work and made me a surprise dinner.

  282. sam von says

    Flowers! It’s the time of year I always get the prettiest flower arrangements from my husband!

  283. Carrie B says

    When we were dating, my now husband gave me a pair of diamond earrings. To this day I still get butterflies when I wear them.

  284. Miriam Prantner says

    We traditionally don’t do big gifts for V-day, we will go to dinner, or stay in and watch a movie/have dinner/relax. For us these days time together is a bigger deal than a gift, so we’d rather spend the money to go out. I always get some sort of chocolate though. :)

  285. Blayne says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a really cute biker bulldog plush I got when I was younger. I still have it!

  286. Tiffany Marston says

    My husband always gives the best presents….one year when i was pregnant with our child he gave me a beautiful necklace of a mother and baby. It is a cherished piece of jewelry for me

  287. Stephanie says

    Chocolates and roses are my favorite. We don’t usually do much for valentine’s day. This would be nice to surprise my hubby with.

  288. Suzanne says

    Best Valentine Day, my husband was released from the hospital in time for us to spend our first one together.

  289. Samantha V. says

    Best ever Valentine’s gift was a pair of beautiful earrings from my husband from when he was away on a trip…they were perfect.

  290. Jenna says

    My favorite gift was my iPhone! I got it 3 years ago(I’ve since upgraded) and I love it! I’d be lost without it.

  291. says

    I’ll be on stage this year for the opening night of a show I’m in so I can’t hope for much, except maybe some roses!!

  292. Kerri Jex says

    My husband and I are in medical school with two young kids and very poor right now, so we don’t really do lots of gifts for any holiday, including Valentine’s day. But we still always try to make it special with homemade gifts or thoughtful gestures!

  293. Cathie says

    My youngest daughter was born on Feb. 15, and I started labor on the 14th. I would have to say she is my favorite Valentine’s gift.

  294. Lynette says

    My husband is in his last semester of school so we may postpone our valentine’s day celebration until summer, when he is less stressed out!

  295. Heather says

    My fave gift was from a looooong time ago. My mom was out of town, I was staying with my grandparents, and my mom left a fun lil basket of goodies for me with an awesome lil heart pillow.

  296. Stephanie C says

    I plan to have a quiet day with my husband with no electronics and just a moment of peace

  297. Carly Jasielum says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was last year when my boyfriend got my dog a present!

  298. Stephanie says

    I am super excited to surprise my husband with a homemade, enormously oversized Kit Kat bar!

  299. Melissa Rogers says

    Last Valentines Day, I received a set of Spiderman cards (yes, the kids kind) with bubbles. I am the biggest kid and this was perfect for me. Add the chocolate and dinner and it was beyond perfect for the simple couple that we are.

  300. Kelly D says

    I would like to make the pencil toppers to hand out to my kid’s classes. I always like to receive jewelry or candy.

  301. Taylor A. says

    I love the little vow sheet you made to fill out. I think that is really special! I love getting flowers and chocolate. I am a simple girl! Just knowing that my man loves me is good enough!

  302. Nicole McNeil says

    My favorite gift though it was pretty cheesy was a bouquet of artificial roses, because he said he wanted them to last forever like his love for me.

  303. Laura says

    We’ve never celebrated Vday before, but I feel like we need to make it special this year – no reason in particular.

  304. Andrea Davis says

    My Favorite Valentines gift was a homemade video of photos. It was the first year my son was born and looking back over the year in photos with Jack Johnson playing in the background was enough for me to know how much I am loved by my whole family.

  305. sandra says

    After 50 yrs of marriage my dear husband buys me flowers, usually roses and we go out for a nice dinner!

    Thanks for this sweet Valentine give-away!

  306. Melissa K. says

    My favorite Valentine’s memory would have to be the tradition of my mom giving me a box of conversation hearts every year – and she still does it!

  307. Sarah Nuttall says

    My favorite gift for Valentine’s day would have to be a surprise dinner that my husband, then finance, put together for me. My plans for Valentine’s this year? Anything where we can enjoy time together without the kids!

  308. Robyn Norton says

    My favorite present was a book on how to write a Novel from my boyfriend :) I want to write more then anything, and it meant so much to me that he supports me in that.

  309. amber kampwerth stokes says

    well it has been a very long time since i got a v day gift i guess a red rose is the last one i remember getting, my husband does not buy me any gifts, i wish he did though it would be really nice, can always hope though i guess, thank you very much for the chance to win this nice basket, i appreciate the chance

  310. Marcie says

    My favorite Valentine’s Gift is the first one my husband ever gave me. He gave me a dozen long stem red roses but he placed them all around town at special locations (my dresser in the morning, front seat of my car, my desk at my office) and with each rose he made a CD with a love song about that part of my day! It was so sweet!

  311. Dawn Dibartolo says

    Fav V-Day was last year… first year married :) we went to a fancy place.. i got the traditional flowers and choc and diamond heart necklace… lol I am sure they won’t be all as “traditional” as that one! But it was a wonderful evening..

  312. Mia Dentice Carey says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was when I got a 2 pound box of Godiva chocolate. =P

    from my hubby before we were married…he has yet to do that again =(

  313. Sherilyn says

    I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this year for Valentine’s. We’re moving the day after, but I’m hoping to get something romantic put together for us. this would help! :)

  314. Danielle says

    On our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple my cute husband woke up early and drove all around the city getting me my favorite things. The items were small and mostly silly, but the thought and effort behind it was adorable and thinking about it still makes me smile!

  315. says

    When my husband and I were dating, he gave me tickets to rascal flatts! Best to date for sure. ;) love your blog! Love your family. ;)

  316. Brynn says

    Best valentines gifthas to be some furry handcuffs. They were a joke from a friend in high school but still make me giggle every time i think about them :)

  317. Katie says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was… hmm, I don’t know! :) My first ever gift from a boyfriend was when I was 16. He bought me a ring that had a red heart. I loved it. Until it turned my finger green. And my boyfriend broke up with me. On April Fool’s Day, no less. Valentine’s Day 2010.. I found out I was pregnant with my first son (2nd child). That would have to be on the top of the list. :) I don’t know what I would like.. but just for my husband to put effort into it.

  318. Shannon says

    My favorite was a romantic dinner with just the two of us…after having kids. We really reconnected and had a wonderful time!

  319. Cami says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was a thoughtful card from my boyfriend. It showed how much he cared.

  320. Xochitl Elizondo says

    We have 5 children so I usually celebrate for all of us at home. Since it would be very expensive for us to go out and a nice dinner, I plan and cook an amazing dinner with hearts and candles and the kids love it. It is also a surprise they never know how the table will look or what they will eat.

  321. Jasmine says

    I’d love to recieve a night off from the kids, some flowers and a nice dinner! My favorite gift I’ve recieved for Valentine’s Day was probably when I got a beautiful potted orchid.

  322. Bridget Heiple Reich says

    Last year, my husband totally surprised me with a handmade nail polish rack that he painted purple! I totally love it! I have a bit of a nail polish obsession (especially Julep) and it already filled! :)

  323. Mika Anderson says

    We don’t normally do a lot on V day, he usually buys me flowers and we spend the evening with the kiddos.

  324. april says

    My favorite gift is the annual funny card that my husband gets all of our boys to sign and the pb cups that go with it. :)

  325. Peyton says

    This year we will be joining a school trip out to the mountains of Idaho for a fun night of ice skating, sledding and a dinner!

  326. Maggie Seagraves says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift is actually one I gave myself 11 years ago: a special edition yellow and pink Valentine’s Day Eeyore stuffed animal! I love him!

  327. Terri says

    My best Valentine’s present was when I received a dozen roses from my husband. He was deployed out at sea, so I totally wasn’t expecting anything. I was so surprised, I cried!

  328. Melinda says

    I always love flowers, but especially love plants…I still have something growing from Valentine’s day years ago!

  329. Wendy R. says

    Hmmm… I don’t remember the last Valentine’s gift I got from the hubs. We sorta cut out gifts when the economy went south.

  330. Dawn Monroe says

    My favorite gift was a tulip bulb that my granddaughter gave me because it comes back every year. I love the ” float my boat” gift idea, thanks.

  331. says

    One year my hubby made a tiny photo album with all of my daughters photos in it after he heard me mention that I should get some photos to keep in my purse. It took him a long time to make it and I thought that was sweet.

  332. Judy Graves says

    My best Valentine, ever, was the first date with my husband in 1980. We’ve been married since March 1980 (yep, that was fast); but look at us, still in love 34 years later. MrsNat in TX

  333. Nicole says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was from my boyfriend at the time (now husband!) who got me tickets to see my favorite group, Lady Antebellum. It was a blast!

  334. Katy McKinnon says

    My favorite gift was when my missionary boyfriend (now husband) came home from his mission on valentines day. Best day ever!

  335. Katie says

    I’m really excited about this Valentine’s Day, my husband and I are celebrating our first one as a married couple!

  336. Krista says

    Never gotten anything for valentines day other than from my son…this is the first valentines day with my boyfriend and I’m hoping it will be spectacular!

  337. Geanie says

    The best thing my husband has given me for Valentines Day, besides the many gorgeous flowers, and elegant dinners, was his undivided attention. He works a lot, and long hours, plus with 3 kids there’s not much time for talk. So, to go out for a meal, and just reconnect is perfect. Plus he watches whatever chick flick I want with me! :)

  338. Wendy says

    Love Valentines day It’s for all ages I love to give to my grandkids to show them I love them!

  339. Olivia says

    I love valentines day! My first valentines day with my husband was last year when we made a fancy dinner and enjoyed a night just the two of us!

  340. Autum says

    We never do much for valentines day but this year I’m hoping we can get out to eat and see a movie. If all else I’ll accept him doing dishes and a cheap box of chocolates. :)

  341. Calise Zollinger says

    My favorite gift was my husband, he was born on Valentine’s day, so he is the best gift. He has also given me a beautiful heart pear necklace for the big day, it is beautiful and I will treasure it as it was on our first valentine’s day together!

    • Cindy Leonard says

      I would love some essential oils! Sorry I couldn’t find where to comment…had to use ‘reply’ to post a comment.

  342. Kelly W. says

    My favorite gift was the year my then boyfriend (now hubs) bought me a McCoy Smiley Face Cookie Jar off of eBay and took it to the florist to have a tulip (my fav) arrangement made and delivered to my office. :)

  343. Teri says

    Those Lindor Chocolates are at the top of my list. I also like to receive a good perfume, none of that cheap stuff. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentines Day!

  344. Jill McNeil says

    Every year my dad gave my sister and I a single pink rose for Valentines day despite it being his birthday! He’s in Heaven now but I will never forget this tradition and can’t wait to one day do the same for my kids!

  345. Michelle L says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was a night gown I was given the first Valentine’s Day after my son was born. My husband, of course, picked it out, but gave it to me from our son. Nineteen years later I still wear it. :)

  346. Melissa says

    The heart oreos would be a great gift to receive… the way to my heart is definitely my stomach!

  347. Debbie Robbins says

    Favorite V-day gift was diamond earrings when my hubby and I were first married! No plans this year as of yet.

  348. Trinity Thornton says

    I am looking forward to the candies, loofah, bath crystals and mint basket! I DO LOVE THE BASKET!

  349. Malissa W says

    This valentines day my husband and I will be celebrating 10 years together. I had really wanted to go to Europe (we didn’t really go on a honeymoon) but sadly we just can’t afford it. So instead we are going the cheap and fun route by using hotel points to stay in a nice hotel in downtown Boston and seeing our favorite comedian Mike Birbiglia. Can’t wait! Thanks for the giveaway.

  350. Janalyn H. says

    I would love to get some flowers. It has been awhile. Honestly though, I love giving gifts to my cute family more than I like getting, so I can’t wait to give them each something fun on Valentine’s Day. I agree with you it is one of my favorite holidays too!

  351. says

    I don’t know what our plans are this year, we have four kids, so we will probably have a family date out, and maybe an adult only date after bedtime.

  352. Ashley P says

    My favorite gift for Valentine’s Day is time together! He often has to work on Valentine’s Day, so when he has off, it’s like a rare treat.

  353. Amy S. says

    Valentine’s Day is one of those fun holidays to find cute things to make with or for my family!

  354. Debra Kay Neiman says

    I don’t often get a gift for Valentines, but My hubby did give me a sapphire and diamond ring once…my birthstone is sapphire. I wear it every day. Happy Valentines Day from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  355. Rachel C. says

    My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the flowers. I love getting red roses. My husband and I have had to work or had class every single Valentine’s day we have been together, so we have yet to truly celebrate on the day. However, it seems to work for us. We go out within the week, and then there is no one else there. And then he gets me the markdown flowers. (It’s the thought that matters to me.) And I would rather the smaller price tag. And we just use it as a day to tell each other we love one another and reasons why. Something that we try to do outside of Valentine’s day as well.

  356. Regan Gilster says

    I LOVED the move The Vow! My husband took me to see it also on Valentine’s Day after we ate at my FAV restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory!

  357. Shanna S says

    My son was in the Neonatal intensive care unit last year on valentine a day. He was born 2 months early and by God’s grace he survived! The nurses in the NICU put his hand and foot print a on two baseballs for valentines day. Loved this!!

  358. Sarai Cervantes says

    This year I’m hoping for a nice date night with my husband minus our 2 little ones. :)

  359. says

    Mique, I visit 30 Days because I think YOU are a class act! I love your focus on Kindness and how things just feel real around here :) And I’m not saying that simply because of your giveaway here… it just gives me the prompt to let you know is all :)

  360. meg says

    My valentine plans are to have a mini party with my daycare kids then have a pint of ben and jerrys (a tradition a group of us started in college) and a sappy movie on the couch with my dog :)

  361. says

    best valentine’s day gift is when someone wrote “i love you” with my favorite kind of chocolates and since i was running late from work took a picture and texted it to me so that i knew what was waiting for me at home :) it was simple but meant so much more than anything else i’ve ever gotten before

  362. Allison Weger says

    This Valentine’s Day will be a special one as it is the first one I get to celebrate being married! :)

  363. Emily H. says

    My husband took me on a scavenger hunt one year, taking me to a lot of significant spots for us. That was my favorite!

  364. Amy Hendrix says

    I plan to spend Valentines Day with my son and drive 6 hours to surprise my fiancé that night!! I’m soooo excited and can’t wait to see his face when I surprise him with dinner and gifts and the biggest hug and kisses ever : )

  365. says

    I actually love Valentines Day more now that I have my two girls. It’s so fun decorating and finding special goodies for them. My favorite thing to do is write a message for them on a heart and put on their door so when they wake up every day (feb 1-14) they get a message from me. It’s such a small thing (pinterest idea of course!) but totally makes their day :-}

  366. Calley Harvill says

    I can’t really remember that I’ve had an amazing V-day gift…Lol But when I was young and lived at home, my parents would always get my siblings and I a small gift, usually just candy and a card-but I thought it was cute!

  367. Terri C. says

    Anything at all from my husband is wonderful! We’ve been married for 24 years and I love anything he gives me.

  368. Megan says

    My husband made me a scrapbook one Valentine’s Day. It has forever been one of my all time favorite gifts!

  369. Erin says

    My very first Valentines gift from my husband (the year we got engaged) was a beautiful star sapphire necklace. It will always be special simply because it was my first valentines gift from him.

  370. Jen Burk says

    A Tahitian Pearl necklace. My boyfriend (now husband) lived in Tahiti for a couple of years and picked one out for his “future wife.”

  371. Kathy E. says

    Mique, I happen to love Valentines Day too! It’s my favorite holiday. Love is in the air and spring ain’t too far away! I’ve been married to my sweetie for 30 years and we still feel like newlyweds. I love your basket!

  372. Kris Schmidt says

    My husband actually danced with me at a dinner club a few years ago (first time ever!). This year I have to work Valentines day and evening. Guess a special breakfast will have to do.

  373. says

    Oh hello! You had me at mint basket! The gift that stands out to me is getting my very first dainty diamond ring from a boy… {pre-engagement} He did go on to be my bffhubby and I got the “BiG” diamond! I will never forget the moment and that ring is still a pretty heirloom now for my daughter. :) Fun Giveaway! My bffhubby & I would enjoy this!

  374. Kirsten Grant says

    It turns out I am allergic to my wedding ring, I would love one I could wear…how cute would that be while renewing our vows…

  375. Shauna g says

    My most memorable gift was a care bear with a heart diamond necklace around its neck, from my husband while we were still dating

  376. Bambi Norris says

    My husband and I have been married 13 years. We usually have a special dinner together for Valentine’s Day we aren’t much for buying big gifts. We would love to have the movie you are giving away in your basket. It holds a special place in my heart because when we watched it when it first came out both of us cried. At the end my husband looked me and said “I wish I could meet you all over again, so we could experience all the magic one more time” I fell even more in love with him that moment!

  377. Jessica says

    LOVE this giveaway! We normally don’t spend much on Valentine’s day because it simply isn’t in our budget. This would be a wonderful surprise!

  378. Nicole says

    My favorite gift form my hub was a photo slide show set to our song, the one we did our first dance to. Made me cry.

  379. Cynthia L Harvey says

    I would love to make the classroom valentines with the little vehicles. The how I roll ones are interesting it’s so hard to find good valentine ideas specific to young boys! ty

  380. Marcella says

    We usually don’t do much for valentines day but love to make a fun dinner and dessert to enjoy with our kids

  381. Melanie says

    My husband and I like to do a 14 day countdown to Valentine’s day with homemade cards, small candies, etc. This would be a fun surprise to make this year extra special!

  382. says

    When my husband and I first started dating we went to the Olive Garden for Valentine’s Day and he gave me an adorable little bear that had a heart outfit on with his little head peeking out and on the heart it says, “Peek-a-boo, I Love You”…it was my first Valentine’s Day with him and my first Valentine’s Day gift from him and every year I always think of it!

  383. Jen says

    Our 12th Annie is in Feb. We love getting away without the kids. My guilty pleasure is also Channing & chocolate! Cute basket!!!

  384. Marcie says

    i usually get some very pretty flowers and a nice card from my hubby. Nothing crazy, but its sweet! We could use something to spice it up this year.

  385. Cynthia B says

    a rock painted like a lady bug from my step daughter. I still have it to this day and she is 27.

  386. Brooke Beaves says

    I always look forward to my husband sending me flowers. But last year my teenage daughter gave me dozens of hearts she cut out & wrote the reasons why she loves me on every one. So sweet!!

  387. Ashley says

    My favorite Valentines memory was our first one! My boyfriend who is now my husband fixed a candlelit dinner with all my favorites. He had cut out red hearts and wrote reasons he loved me on them. I still have the hearts!!

  388. Porsche says

    My favorite gift from V-day was our love story he wrote for me. This was one month before we got married. The second was Kate & Leopold (themovie). He gave that to me on our first V-day as a married couple.

  389. Shauna says

    My favorite gift was the diamond ear rings my husband purchased our 1st valentine’s as a married couple.

  390. Lisa Kubin says

    My husband always gets me some kind of Hello Kitty gift for Valentine’s Day. I have quite a collection of Hello Kitty stuff.
    Lisa K.

  391. Ashley J says

    I love Valentines Day! All I need are some chocolate covered strawberries and Casablanca and I’m a happy girl.

  392. Brenda says

    One year I got supply’s and had everyone make a Valentine’s day box (YES just like when in elementary school) We all decorated our own box and I had everyone contribute. I had cut out a bunch of different colored hearts for everyone to write nice messages and notes on. Valentine’s Night we sat around and got open them up and see at all as inside. (the kids are older and had our first grandchild and all of us were living together, blendinga new family)

  393. callie b. says

    our first valentine’s my sweet husband made a shutterfly book of our favorite memories for me…it is my most treasured gift! i love it!

  394. Michelle Henning says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a plaque my daughter’s had made for me in 2007, it has extreme sentimental value to me and I love it! This Valentine’s Day I am going to make my husband dessert from your website, the chocolate and raspberry parfait, his 2 favorite foods. I also want to make the reclaimed wood Valentine’s Day sign you have posted, I will have to make 3, one for me and one for each of my girls. Thank you for both posts, you made my life a little bit easier.

  395. Arah says

    No specific Valentines Day but when when my husband plans a date from start to finish and even get a sitter for the kids. That’s my favorite. I don’t have to do any planning :)

  396. Melissa says

    Last year was quite memorable! I spent the night at Urgent Care with my 3 year old! He had a horrible earache. Fingers crossed that this year will be better. :D

  397. Kellee P. says

    My favorite gift was a heart necklace from my husband. Mostly we just go out to eat for valentines and spend time together instead of giving gifts. :)

  398. Heather says

    This basket looks wonderful. I love learning new ways to spice things up a bit and to bring me and my hubby closer.

  399. Cassandra Eastman says

    The best valentines was the first year my husband and I were married. He gave me a beautiful necklace and took me on a surprise dinner and movie date!
    I want to make the Strawberry Heart Oreos, yummy!!!

  400. Kristy DeGraaf says

    I love V Day! It’s different every year. Sometimes we do dinner at home with the kids, sometimes Joey gets me roses. It’s fun to see what happens. I don’t have big expectations so when he goes all out it’s a nice surprise :)

  401. Kimberly Knight says

    A night away from home! Staying in a hotel, even if just an hour away from home, is the best mini vacation!

  402. says

    I literally have no plans for this Valentine’s day with my boyfriend. My birthday is three days before so that’s usually my focus when it comes to plans, and he does the same. It’ll be fun to have our own little date night basket!

  403. says

    Hi Mique! Just wanted to say hi! For valentines day, I just enjoy time with Jim…just the two of us. It doesn’t matter what we do. xoxo

  404. Chelsea says

    Best Valentines was when my husband surprised me at work with flowers, my favorite cupcakes and the sweetest card ever!!!!

  405. MaryB says

    I love Thirty Days! So many great ideas here. Thank you. And thank you for the chance to win a fun giveaway. My favorite Valentine’s Day was a special dinner out at a tiny restaurant that only served 6 couples that night. Lots of courses, delicious food, awesome night with my hubby.

  406. Nicole Marie says

    My favorite gift was the teddy bear (dog maybe?) that he got me last year. It was small, but it’s somethign I have to snuggle when he’s not there. Food/Dinner/Candy don’t last very long. this will.

  407. Rachell says

    I am due with our third baby in three weeks. Having Valentine’s Day already planned would be amazing!

  408. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was when my husband and I were first dating. He dressed up in a suit, cooked me a lovely dinner, presented me with a dozen pink roses, and took me to the movies. We were so dressed up, that people actually laughed at us! We’re the ones laughing now…just celebrated 9 years of marriage!

  409. Terri says

    I love doing Valentine’s Day for my kids! I get them each some sort of candy and write them a love letter, telling them specifically what I love about them. I also decorate the house, and try to do a red, pink and white themed meal. :)

  410. RAchael says

    My favorite valentine’s gift was a week of no house cleaning or laundry. Rest and relaxation for a week!

  411. Shelly T. says

    I love fresh donuts. My husband goes out early in the morning before he leaves for work and buys them for me every Valentine’s Day and they are waiting for me on the breakfast bar when I get up. :)

  412. Marijke says

    I love cards! To me a card means: I have been thinking of you! I cherish cards and keep some of them. Sometimes I go through them and they make me happy again!! :)

  413. Marie says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a beautiful necklace that my husband bought me on our first Valentine’s Day. He was so nervous that I would not like it… (honestly… it’s not really my taste), but I love him for working so hard to get it and worrying so much about whether I would like it. So sweet!

  414. Amy McFarlane says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift is a stuffed puppy my husband gave me :) I still sleep with it every night!

  415. says

    My favorite gift was 18 years ago. My husband gave me a wooden heart shaped puzzle box filled with tiny heart candies and a beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring. Although he proposed on the 13th but it was the best V-day ever!!

  416. jaclyn love says

    Super excited for Valentine’s Day this year! We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s anymore (with 3 kids). This gift basket would be an awesome treat to have for a Date NIght even after the kids go to bed.

  417. Heather Braun says

    Our plans this Valentine’s Day this year are HOPEFULLY closing on our house! So I want something simple this year. Sushi, movie on the couch (of our hopefully new house), and holding hands with my man. Oh and Nana watching the baby! :)

  418. Jennifer Auten says

    After 20 years Valentines day has become another day but this basket would sure liven it up again!

  419. Michelle LaClair-Ziembo says

    Last year I made my husband a 12 month gift, every month he opened an envelope and there was a date idea in it. He was always so excited to open the new envelope.

  420. Danae Compagner says

    A pink rose.. before we were even dating.. He had written me a note saying “I’m not sure where we will end up.. but ever girl deserves to get flowers on Valentine’s day.” So sweet!

  421. SandyN says

    Love spending Valentine’s Day as a family! My kids are 14 and 12 now, so I know someday soon they’re not going to want to spend the evening together, so I’m enjoying it while I can!!!

  422. Heidi Smith says

    My favorite part of valentines each year is the card my husband gets and he writes a sweet note inside! No plans for valentines yet. Hoping to be able to get out for dinner and a movie!

  423. Beth Anne in PA says

    My husband does not ‘go’ for Valentines Day so I don’t have a fav gift, but maybe with this awesome giveaway, we can change his mind. :) A girl can dream, can’t she?

  424. Molly P says

    I cannot wait to just relax. We never go to a big fancy dinner since everything is always taken. So we just go to Panera and have soup and sandwiches.

  425. Mercedes says

    This Valentine’s Day I plan to send him snapshot picture clues as to what i’m going to wear when he gets home in the evening! I’m also working on a dinner menu and scratch-off coupons.

  426. christi in ma says

    my favorite Valentine’s Days are the ones when we have dinner at home and my husband cooks! steaks and chocolate mousse and prosecco in our wedding toasting glasses

  427. Paige says

    One of my favorite Valentine’s was spent curled up on the sofa with my hubby, watching a movie and sharing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. It was snowing outside, we had a fire going and it was very cozy and peaceful.

  428. Jennifer says

    So far, my favorite Valentine’s Day was last year. My kids made handmade cards at school and they were so precious. Good Memories.

  429. Maria Wicks says

    I Love the heart locket necklace my hubby got for me last year.

    I would love to give the chocolate raspberry parfait a try, might try to make it sometime soon

  430. rachel says

    My favorite gift was a small diamond necklace. My husband had hidden it in the glove box of our car. On the way to our valentines movie he pretended there was something wrong with the car and asked me to out the owners manual. I found the necklace instead. So cute!!

  431. Jennifer Appleton says

    One year when I thought we weren’t really doing anything for Valentine’s Day, my husband surprised me with flowers! They were even in our wedding colors :) So sweet and thoughtful!

  432. Hollias says

    I worked at a flower shop while I went to college, do for 4 years I dealt with the Valentine’s Day rush! I don’t know how many thousands of red roses I packaged up for lucky ladies to receive. So when I met my husband, I told him absolutely no red roses or chocolates. After 5 years we got married, our first Valentine’s Day he got me red roses and chocolates :)

  433. Martha Schultz says

    As long as I get to spend quality time with my Husband without the kids, that is all I care about for Valentines!

  434. Suzanne B says

    It was just being with my husband on our first Valentine’s Day when we were dating. We did not give each other anything.

  435. BrieAnn says

    A couple of years ago my husband bought a bottle with a cork, filled it about half way with small sea shells and then wrote a note on to a piece of canvas and tucked it into the bottle. I love that note, the bottle everything, and it still is displayed in our home.

  436. shantelle stately says

    We both love chocolate and Valentine’s Day is our excuse to it lots of it. I would love to try some chocolate covered strawberries. A simple dinner and movie is my favorite date night. Love the giveaway!

  437. Delina says

    My favorite Valentine’s gift was from the annual card from my Grandpa each year! Now my children get the cards from their Great-Grandpa and it just makes my holiday!!!

  438. Nancy Saller says

    Our anniversary is very close to Valentines Day so we usualy combine them with a dinner out. My husband is not very romantic but we have been married for 51 years this year!

  439. amanda goodenough says

    my favorite Valentines Day gift is just to spend quality alone time with my boyfriend. Getting to snuggle in bed all day is my perfect Valentines Day!

  440. Courtney says

    My hubby and I don’t usually get to do much for valentines day because we have little ones. I’d love to go on a romantic dinner date with him, and curl up to a movie afterwards!

  441. Shannon says

    I received a handwritten poem from my husband about our love and how it has made him a better man. I bawled like a baby!

  442. Kirstin K says

    my iPad a few years ago – I was so surprised as we usually don’t exchange gifts – so thoughtful of him as he knew I really wanted one!

  443. candi jeffery says

    Our last valentine date was a night in…with a quiet dinner and a romantic movie.(Snuggle time :0) We usually just go on a date for Valentines and each of us get a new outfit. Don’t spend alot of money..I love your bag and love the Valentines basket you put together.. We all need to VOW to treat other better, and enjoy more quality time together..


  444. Kara C says

    My husband and I always go out to dinner to celebrate. This year I hope to surprise him with a new wedding band he was wanting!

  445. ivette s says

    we have little boys so I usually make a yummy valentine’s dinner, decorate the house, and have a movie date with the hubs after they go to bed. its simple but its perfect, I have the best three valentines a girl could ask for!

  446. Jenna V says

    I don’t need any over the top gift for valentine’s day. I just like an “I love you” and some time with my husband.

  447. jenny says

    Love Valentines!!! Your basket is so cute and I love the Vow printables!!! You are very creative! We always celebrate with our kiddos with a gorgeous seafood dinner. My girls look forward to it all year. We eat on our china and have sparkling cider. The table is lit with candles. It is a fun night! Husband and I usually just hang out after the kids are all tucked in.

  448. Vanessa says

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    To be honest, the hubby and I don’t celebrate V-Day, since our wedding anniversary is just days from “day of love”. So, we just celebrate our very own Valentine’s Day. ;)

  449. Shelly says

    My favorite gift was a box of chocolates from my husband, and a smaller box from my 3 year-old. He was so proud that he got to give me a big present just like his daddy!

  450. Amanda C says

    My favorite Valentines gift was from my boyfriend (now husband) on our first Valentines Day together. We went to different colleges and it was during the middle of the week so we decided to wait and celebrate the following weekend. After classes I was home hanging out with my roommates when he appeared at our door to take me out! He brought a small scrapbook of our first year together. He set the bar really high that first year! We’ve been together almost 10 years now!

  451. Loren says

    My husband made me a beautiful CD of “our music” and a great dinner to enjoy while we listened to the music. An act of love for sure!

  452. Casey Houghton says

    I love valentine’s cookies! One of the best gifts ever was a morning to sleep in and some cookies for breakfast!

  453. Rachel says

    Before we were married, my husband wrote me the longest sweetest poem on Valentine’s Day. Every year I get it out and read it!

  454. Sarah S says

    I haven’t had many valentines with my man but my favorite gift was a stuffed animal (so cheesy but I’m a huge stuffed animal person!) that my dog ended up destroying ten minutes later! We laughed so hard about it, it’s a sweet memory.