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My kids went back to school this week.  We spent Wednesday night packing lunches, getting backpacks ready and setting out new clothes.  I officially have a junior high-er (help!!), fifth grader and first grader.  It feels weird to be in a new phase where I spend most of my time in the car shuttling from activity to activity in the afternoon, doing a lot of homework and trying to avoid embarrassing my kids.  When did this happen??

In addition to the standard back to school stuff, I put together little baskets for the kids teachers for the first day. I added a Target gift card, a pack of pencils, markers and a pack of paper.  Nothing too exciting but things I know they can use.  I also added two little cards- one that I had my kids fill out and one that their teachers fill out. 

For each holiday, birthday, teacher appreciation, I have a tough time finding just the right gift for my kids teachers.  With this little card I now know what their favorites are and can get them something that I know they will appreciate.

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    What a thoughtful and creative way to bless your child’s teachers and get to know them. I love the idea of the little questionnaire card so you can tailor future gifts for them.

    • says

      Thanks Zoanna! What a sweet comment. I’m excited to spoil my kids teachers to let them know just how much we appreciate them. ;)