How to Clean Shutters + Fall Cleaning List

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Earlier this year we set out to remodel our kitchen.  It was a project that took over our lives for a few months but in the end it was worth it.  I am still love with that space but there was one thing missing – good window coverings.

Kitchen with plantation shutters from

For years we had blinds that were put in by the previous owners in most of the family room and kitchen.  I hung curtains in the biggest kitchen window that made everything so dark.  It was all supposed to be temporary but nine years later… we still had curtains in some spots, some broken blinds and even some spaces with nothing.   The last piece to the kitchen puzzle was to add Signature Wood Shutters.   It was the cherry on top!   

Plantantion Shutters in our kitchen

We are fortunate to have a large kitchen space with a lot of windows.  It is something I love about our house.  But I’ve never really liked the options we’ve come up with to cover this space.  Until now.  After putting in the plantation shutters, there is so much light and brightness in the space.  If it’s hot I can shut them down or if I want to open it all up, it’s so easy to do.

Kitchen with plantation shutters

One of the things I was impressed in working with is the shutters for the sink window.  When redoing the kitchen, I spent hours looking at different faucets and decided on one that I still love.  The only thing is that it was potentially in the way for the interior shutters.  I had nothing to fear as has a special shutter that can be popped out for cleaning for situations like this one.  The shutter on the left opens all the time (as shown).  The shutter on the right can be slid out for cleaning purposes.   Voila!
Family room with plantation shutters

Our family room area has a huge window.  It has always been covered by curtains making the space seem really dark.  I liked the look of the curtains but not the feeling of the room.  Adding plantation shutters not only make it a functional space but I love the look of them.  They bring so much light to the room and brighten up the downstairs in general.
Can you tell that I am loving all of the brightness these plantation shutters bring into our home? It makes such a drastic difference.

How to clean plantation shutters + fall cleaning list

I know the biggest beef that most people have with plantation style shutters is cleaning them.  I honestly think the pros way outweigh the cons.  Having a beautiful, functional space is well worth it to me to have to wipe them down from time to time.  I specifically asked for the best way to clean shutters so that they will last and look their best.  This was what they suggested:

  • Dry dust with Easy Clean Duster (pictured above).  This thing will make your shutter cleaning life so much easier!  So worth it.  Then follow up with a vacuum brush attachment for bonus points.
  • Wipe surfaces with a microfiber cloth and spray furniture polish for a nice shine.
  • Use a toothbrush and polish to remove dust from hard to reach spaces.
  • Do NOT use soap or water on wood shutters to avoid warping.

I know most people think of “spring cleaning” and not necessarily cleaning in the fall (or is that just people who aren’t naturally organized like me? Hmmmm…).  But checking off some fall cleaning items is important too.   So I’m including a printable fall cleaning checklist below.  You can use my basic cleaning checklist to keep up on every day stuff.  This is more specific for the fall.

Printable Fall Cleaning Checklist from

Download printable fall cleaning list.  For personal use only.  Thanks!


  1. Anita L says

    I would make over my enclosed porch. My husband is currently doing a remodeling project there and this would be perfect!!

  2. says

    Since we live in an apartment, I’d (hopefully) be able to makeover the entire apartment and Lord does it need it! We have these horrid plain white mini-blinds in our apartment, and we’ve lived here for 8 years. I’m so ready to spruce things up and have something different!

  3. Connie Hamblen Williamson says

    I’d have to do something about the living room. Right now we have cheap mini blinds, and they’re pretty much shot from when we had cats. Our cats have all crossed the rainbow bridge not w, but the unfortunate mini blinds remain. Those plantation blinds sound intriguing, not to mention beautiful!

  4. KimL says

    My husband and I were JUST talkig about getting some shutters like that for our living room! They are so crisp and clean looking plus they never go out of style.

  5. Carrie M says

    I would make over a part of the kitchen – the window treatments haven’t been updated yet since we moved in a year ago.

  6. Laura Benoit says

    I would love some for my home. I had them in my last house and loved them! I would use them along the back of my house and family room/kitchen that face south and get a lot of sun.

  7. Michele E says

    Definitely the living room. I have never liked the curtains we have and would love something like this in there!

  8. Amanda Smith says

    We would put shutters in our formal dinning room and living room! My husband and I have been talking about it for a year now since we have arched windows. :)

  9. BarbaraAnn says

    I bought a new home in 2002 and still have pleated paper blinds with the clips to hold them up after folded in order to see out. I use sewing straight pins to hold hang them up. Very much need to win this. Don’t want to replace torn ones with more paper blinds. Thanks

  10. Cathleen says

    Hmmm..I would definitely replace the nasty yellowed blinds in the playroom, but ALSO has kid-safe shades which may need to be purchased for my girls’ room.