How to Make a Gingerbread House

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Hi, this is Anna from My Life and Kids, and I LOVE the holidays!

My kids and I attempted our very first gingerbread house last year. I had been seeing gorgeous gingerbread-house pictures all over Pinterest, and I was ready to tackle a house of my very own.

I learned a few things last year, and I’m sharing my top Gingerbread House Building Tips with you…

How to make an awesome gingerbread house

#1 – Just because everyone else seems to be doing something so easily, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy for you.

Even when you buy a kit and everything seems like it should be really easy, it might still be really hard. It’s okay – don’t feel like a failure.

#2 – It is possible to break your beaters.

Who knew? If you do buy a kit, beware of the frosting. Or just follow the directions. Either way, don’t be too upset if you break your beaters. You can carry on.

#3 – Sometimes you shouldn’t follow the directions

Are the walls falling down around you? Do you want to pull your hair out because it’s so much harder than you thought it would be?

Don’t worry – just whip out your hot glue gun and take care of business. No one will ever know (unless you take pictures and post them on your blog.)

#4 – Accept the fact that not everything you make is going to be Pinterest-perfect.

Even after you break your beaters and use hot glue to hold your walls together, your house might still look terrible. Carry on – it could get a little worse…

#5 – Make bold choices!

Decorating your gingerbread house isn’t the time to do what everyone else is doing!

Food from your pantry can be super decorative! (especially if you’ve already eaten all of the decorative candy that came with your kit.)

Enjoy your special house!

Display your gingerbread house with pride and give yourself a pat on the back for creating such a masterpiece!


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  1. sandi kinsey says

    I make gingerbread house with my daughters and granddaughters every year and we have a blast. They’re always a fiasco! I believe the perfect ones you see in magazines are actually created by aliens.

  2. says

    Wow those poor beaters! based on the look of the beaters you would think that was some strong “icing glue” – love how you broke out the hot glue gun!! I don’t know why I never thought about using the hot glue gun but the next time I attempt a house I will keep it handy and ready to go! ;)

  3. says

    Ahahaha – oh wait, sorry, not laughing at you, but definitely laughing with you! We have a “gingerbread” tradition but we learned long ago to use sugar cubes and graham crackers. My mom makes the cement, ahem, frosting, using meringue powder and its like using superglue – use at your own risk. LOL

  4. says

    That is funny. I’ve been meaning to write up my own gingerbread post too – and we used hot glue also! I thought I was so brilliant and unique… ha! You know what they say about great minds :)

  5. says

    LOL at least you were brave enough to attempt a gingerbread house. I know mine would be horrible, it wouldn’t even most likely stand up lol.