Fancy Mason Jar Glass Tutorial

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For my St. Patrick’s Day green dinner I made some very simple projects, including a fancy mason jar glass.  In just a few minutes, I had 5 cups to set the table and fill with green milk.   This goes perfect last week’s link up of 30 minutes or less projects– this is about a 5 minute project.  So ridiculously simple. Fancy Mason Jar Glass Tutorial from

This is all you need to make a fancy glass:

mason jar supplies

I use E6000 for a lot of random projects so I had it on hand.  I also had mason jars just waiting to be used.  I grabbed glass candlesticks from the dollar store.

mason jar glass step 1

After cleaning the mason jars and drying them, squeeze a line around the edge of the candlestick. Apply it to a mason jar that’s been flipped upside down like so:

mason jar step 2

The directions on the E6000 bottle say that it will be set within 3 minutes (I had the quick version) but that it needs to cure for 2-3 hours.  So let them sit before using them.

Mason Jar Glass

After they are dry, fill them up and enjoy!


  1. says

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  2. Christine S. says

    I made my MIL a pair of the “Margarita” glasses for Christmas (wide mouth half pint jar instead…). Our Dollar store didn’t have any candle sticks but I found a pair at the local version of a Goodwill for almost as cheap. They were taller, but since she’ll mostly use them outside on the deck they are better for setting on the ground next to her chair! Turns out she and FIL BOUGHT myself & their daughter the regular ones like you made here. They accidently left the price tag on and I wasn’t smiling because I received a glass I’ll never use; I was grinning ear to hear because I had made her TWO glasses for less than half of what she paid for one of ours! Call it a crafty Christmas score!