Printable Summer Binder + Activity Sheets

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Yes, another binder. This one is meant to use with your kids for summer.  A summer binder, if you will. And be forewarned- I have a whole lot of information coming at you.   Take from it what you want and use it in your home however you’d like!

Printable Summer Binder- create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Beat the boredom blues! Printables for each section included.
I’ve tried several things over each summer to keep my kids on track and not just sitting in front of the tv for 2 months. Some things have worked and others haven’t.  You can see what I did a few years ago with “summer home school” (don’t laugh… it’s from 4 years ago!) This binder is meant to be divided up into sections: reading, activities, cooking, quiet time, random acts of kindness, worksheets.  I would suggest putting a calendar in it as well. I made the sheets as checklists to guide you but so that you could have your kids fill in with whatever they’d like to do. Where do you get supplies for the binder?  Here’s what I use for mine: (Affiliate links are used below)


Printable Summer Binder- create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Beat the boredom blues. Includes ideas for activities.

Reading Programs:
There are SO many programs to encourage reading.  Here are just a few:

Check out your local library because most have summer programs.  They also usually include reading time or some kind of activities, often movies throughout the summer. If you want a reading chart, I have a printable one to download: reading_chartSummer Movie Express:
Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer Regal Movie Theaters has $1 movies. We have done this every summer for years.  My oldest isn’t great about going to movie theaters but loves going to these because they are shows he’s already seen at home.  Notes: Go early as the theaters can get crowded.  At our local theater summer camps and daycares attend every week so seats are filled early.  

Learning worksheets:
I have posted about this in the past with some of my other summer posts.  I have done a different theme every week and printed out worksheets based around that theme. Here are some of my favorite worksheet sites: (and Pinterest is a great resource for this as well- easy to search for specific worksheets)

summerjars and a few other summer printables:

Printable Summer Rules via

Summer Rules

Kids #Printable Summer Letter

Summer Printable Letters

Random Acts of Kindness Summer List

Summer RAOKs  Round ups filled to the brim with ideas:

Printable Summer Binder- create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Beat the boredom blues. Printables for each section included.

Download these sheets to create your own Summer Binder.  For personal use only. Thanks! You can also download calendars from earlier this year to add to your binder.

Printable Summer Binder- create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Printables for each section included. Plus activity sheets.

To get things started with your binder I created some summer worksheets:

Cute Summer Activity Worksheets- download from www.thirtyhandmadedays.comDownload these summer worksheets.  For personal use only.  Thanks!

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  1. Bethany says

    Love these! Thank you so much, Mique. I also would love to use the school binder but it keeps saying there is an error. Are these still available? Thank you so much for these great resources!

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    Wow this is so cool ! I don’t have kids but I may use the idea for myself ! Great work, I hope you earn money with all that ! Totally deserved !

  3. Leslie says

    I am a new follower. Thank you for the summer binder printables. Today was the last day of school for us!

  4. Amber says

    I would love if you made a section for vehicles like when was the last time things got changed or insurance paid.

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    love this! Going to print out the summer activity sheets and give them to her classmates on the last day of school!

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    Oh my goodness! Just what I need! Thank you for all the printables and ideas. My hubby and I are determined to give a better structure to this summer and we love to keep making learning fun, these will be perfect!